Who Is Nixeus? Its Cheap 27-Inch Hi-Res Monitor Looks Great

You could buy Apple's gorgeous 27-inch Cinema Display but it'll cost you over a grand. If you don't have that kind of paper, a company called Nixeus is about to drop the Vue, a display of the same size, packed with 2560x1440 WQHD resolution for just $US430.

"But wait, I've never even heard of Nixeus," you say. Granted, we don't know if it's any good, but the price certainly is. It it's set for an August 21 release and the specs sound promising — an LG S-IPS panel, 6ms response, 8-bit colour, stereo speakers and several ports (VGA, HDMI 1.4, DVI). And, of course, all for about half the money as panels with similar features. That said, $US430 is still a lot of dough, so let's hope it's not too good to be true. [AnandTech via Engadget]


    8-bit colour? That seems a bit outdated.

    Vue was a marketing term used by Mitsubishi during testing of the Laser Vue concepts. Honestly, anyone can throw a badge on a TV, it's not that hard, and suprisingly, it's not overly expensive to get these made custom for your business. Look at how Kogan started, and still operate with some of their products... Other companies do this too. Ohki, Vivid, GVA, Soniq... They're all basically the same TV's with different firmware (or just a different logo sometimes).

    I have 1920x1080 asus 27 inch monitor 2ms (g2g) response time. I game also. I find as a desktop 1920x1080 is not high enuff definition to work efficiently, would love the higher res of this monitor, but 6ms (if its g2g) wouldn't be good enuff for gaming.. Hard to get the best of both worlds on a budget.

      6ms is more than enough for gaming! My 'portable' gaming machine uses a 6ms panel and I can see no difference between it and my 2ms panel at home!

      I use a 23 inch 1080p IPS Dell. Great picture, but the pixels are huge, even though I set it up behind my notebook.

      Seriously? Not high enough definition to to work effectively? Why dont you buy a second monitor then? It would be a far better solution then having more pixels.

    "You could buy Apple’s gorgeous 27-inch Cinema Display"
    really? You eat out of apples hand that easy???

      he mustn't know the rule that you're not allowed to use any flattering terms to describe apple products without suffering troll rage.

    I really really recommend the Dell Ultrasharp 27", I have one and I could never go back to anything else. Each unit is also colour calibrated, so it matches when you use a multi-monitor system. The picture is super crisp, and it isn't to badly priced especially when they are on special.

      Yeah, it is a brilliant display. My brother got one for just over $600, but even for its normal price it beats everything else avaliable in Australia.

        Where can I buy this monitor in Australia?

      Cinema display with a 27 inch screen... no need to go to the cinemas any more.

      Could you imagine, going to a Gold Class cinema and being greeted with a 27 inch screen....

    The panels they use are the panels that DELL and APPLE reject since they are A- panels.

    Catleap Q270 and many others exist my mate got the Catleap and i had another that has the Dell 27" S-IPS they are both the same, sometimes i prefered the Catleap.

      I am surprised that Giz hasn't posted about the Yamakasi Catleap 27 and the Shimian
      They are all using the same panels as each other and you get them off ebay for 320 bucks shipped to Australia in 5 days.

      I heard those catleaps were pretty awesome, and one certain batch of a certain model blah blah was able to be overclocked (never heard that term related to computer monitors before) to run at 100Hz+. Now *that* would be a sweet gaming monitor :P

        Yeah it was crazy times when they could be overclocked to up to 120 hz
        A 3D OC'ed S-IPS screen.

    If those bezels were any larger you could rent them out as a granny flat.

    Just from the fact that LG's IPS panel is being used in Apple's iPad 3 and LG's latest passive 3D TVs, I can already predict the quality of this monitor. And it's pretty cheap so I might consider getting one of these when it comes out

    I have a Catleap, which I LOVE. Being able to source an equivalent panel locally would be an awesome option. For a little more, you get warranty and Aus/US pixel standards (Korea says it's perfect with 5 or fewer dead pixels.)

    Also, just because they're not A+ panels doesn't mean they will have backlight bleed and whatnot. Mine is perfect - luck of the draw. Also, it's a nice middle ground between the murky AG coating on the Dell and the super-glossy glass on the Apple.

    Yeah right! Like it's gonna cost Australians $430. I'll bet the "Australian Tax" will bump up cost way above that.

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