Autonomous Mop Bot Never Misses A Spot

When we think of the future — the awesome future, anyway — it always includes autonomous cleaning robots. We may still be a way's off from The Jetsons' Rosie, but the Vileda Virobi is one giant leap for robot maid kind.

The Vileda Virobi is a circular, spinning bot designed to give your hard floors a gentle scrub. Attach a dust-sucking electrostatic cleaning pad to the bot's velcro base, set it to a 30-minute or 120-minute clean cycle, and then let it rip.

Virobi's autonomous navigation will guide it throughout a room, ping-ponging, off the walls until every square-inch has been covered. The flexible base allows the cleaning pad to bend its way into corners where other bots miss the mark. It seems the robot is only available in Europe right now, but let's hope it invades our shores soon. [Vileda via Appliancist]

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