What Would Happen If Everyone On Earth Jumped At The Same Time?

We're sending rovers to Mars in an effort to figure out our place in the universe. But what about our place on Earth? Sure, Earth is a big place, but you might be surprised by how insignificant we are within its mammoth mass.

What would happen if everyone on the planet got together and jumped at the same time? I'll let YouTube user vsauce explain the details -- but it wouldn't change the world, so to speak. If you want to do exactly that, stick to calling people names on the internet. That's how some people make a difference, right? [YouTube]


    "but you might be surprised by how insignificant we are within its mammoth mass."
    Nope, not really...?

    Felicia day is awesome.

    She "rocked my world"... geddit? Geddit?

    i think you'll find that it's actually helping vsauce by giving them some free publicity. I know I would never have seen this video if not for gizmodo

    Geez man this is a blog... A blog! Calm down...

    Thank you for treating me like a 5-year-old, Gizmodo

    Well we've changed the climate permanently. That's not insignificant. It's bad, but not insignificant.

    "Did you know that if all the fat kids in the world jumped at the same time... they might lose a bit of fucking weight?"
    ~ Jimmy Carr

    My first thought was "umm nothing would happen" - I was right. How could we puny humans think we could have an effect on this planet? erm.....did I just say that?

    I'd prefer to look at the consequences after they jump:


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