What Happened With The NBN This Week?

This week we take a look at why NBN Co is hiding some contract details from public scrutiny and we see just how well the ultra-fast broadband plan is going in New Zealand.

NBN Co isn't interested in letting anyone see key financial details, it seems. It played its controversial Freedom Of Information exemption cards this week with Fairfax to get out of disclosing contract details with investment bank Goldman Sachs JBWere. What doesn't it want us to see?

Still with Fairfax this week, and apparently the NBN is more about helping hipsters make money and download stuff illegally than Stephen Conroy first let on.

On the topic of the Communications Minister, ZDNet Australia tells us this week that public confidence in the network will likely be undermined if the government and NBN Co don't give us all firmer targets for where and when the network will be in three years. The plan is coming real soon, most likely mid-next week.

Across the ditch and New Zealand's high-speed fibre network now reportedly reaches a total of 76,000 premises, but only 1200 customers have taken up the network so far. That's according to the nation's communications minister, Amy Adams, reported by iTWire



    Just found out that my suburb not on a list at all... thats 4km from CBD

      Stay tuned, Alex. We're likely to hear where the NBN is going to roll-out to over the next three years at the release of the new plan next week. We'll be there with all the news.

      Yea, it's per block basis. It sucks

    Hey Luke, surprised I didn't see mention of this that made news this week. On the fact Abbot won't make comment if he will or will not sell off the NBN if he gets in power.

    How is this a surprise to anyone?

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