What Do You Use Flash For On Your Android Phone?

Today is the last day that Flash will be supported on Android in any sort of official capacity. Once seen as a killer feature for mobile devices, HTML5 has all but decimated the web standard on portables and is making Flash increasingly irrelevant in the PC space.

But there are some of you who certainly have Flash installed on your mobile devices. So what do you use it for? Obscure streaming video sites? Ad viewing? Bragging rights?



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      ... The number of times I have come across that problem.... 0

    Some news sites still use. I use it a fair bit.

    To apply jobs when flash is needed for few forms

    iview on tablet

      Try Plex, lots of addons for pulling in flash web content like this.

    The sooner we can ditch Flash entirely, the better.

      Really? You know whatever replacement will have all the same sorts of issues in the end anyway, don't you? It already does.
      Flash does indeed have all sorts of crappy problems that everyone knows about, but there's this weird pretence that what's replacing it is magically better and bug free... The truth is that any standards that try to be all things to all devices will always run into the same sorts of problems time and again:
      Flash dies, so long live the next "Flash".

        Fully agreed. The funniest thing is when I see people say they can't wait for Flash to die because they hate ads. Ummm sayWHAT

        Whether a functional system can replace flash, I don't know. All that I do know is that it would be great if something could replace it. Or maybe Adobe could really put some effort into redesign, make it totally device dependent so that it became better, it has now been around forever.

        HTML5 is better and doesn't have any if the security issues that flash does.

        The best thing about flash disappearing is that it will mean companies will need to employ real web developer rather than using in house "designers" to create dynamic media rich content. Flash basically allows someone without any technical expertise I build a really bad website.

    BBC iplayer

    I don't use it that often.

    1. When someone on youtube has decided that their video shouldn't be viewable on Mobile Devices, I load up a browser I have with Desktop Mode, and load up the desktop version of youtube and watch it.

    2. Once, when my fixed line internet was down, I streamed an episode of a TV showfrom a *cough* online site *cough*

    Other than that I don't use it too much at all.

    ABC iView, non tech websites like restaurants, menus etc, online store catalogues, fancy websites that try too hard and are annoying - but necessary to visit nevertheless.

    ^ This guy........is correct

    Porn +1

    Videos on YouTube that can't be viewed on a mobile device, the occasional website I want to access on the go that is still flashed based.

    To watch cricket streams, that's probably the only reason.

    Believe it or not, not that many websites use HTML5 or even have a mobile-optimized site for that matter. So, I use Flash quite a lot. I'll be glad to see it gone but at the moment it's a fact of life.

    Um, quite often Gizmodo posts videos that are flash. I haven't been able to view allot of your videos for some time .

      Same. I have Flash but the Giz site seems to think I don't. SGSII on ICS (Dolphin browser, click-to-activate Flash is on).

    I ditched it entirely. It takes way too much space (13MB) on my htc desire for very little benefit

    HTML5 sucks anyway. Fullscreen mode on windows is a pain in the butt because the taskbar is still there. Long live flash

    "HTML5 has all but decimated the web standard on portables and is making Flash increasingly irrelevant in the PC space." And yet most entertaining vid sights still solidly use it still just like they have for the last few years...
    Ya, still waiting for that great HTML5 to take over, and not be as crappy as Flash can be anyway, which is why I still use it on mobile devices.

      What exactly are these "most entertaining vid sites" you speak of?

        YouTube, RedTube, Vimeo mainly

    Iview, still waiting for ABC to move on from the dead platform.

    I use flash to watch the videos gizmodo embed in their posts.... every second article has a flash video? Unless YouTube/vimeo don't use flash anymore?

      youtube and vimeo will both play in browser on the iphone. In youtubes case i think they store a non flash version of the video for mobile.

    People (especially Adobe) really need to pick up the pace with HTML5... but to answer the question, when I was on Android I actually found I barely used it. Now I'm on iOS, the only time I wish I had it was for ABC iView (the iView app not being 'unmetered' by my ISP).

      It's end users that need to pick up the pace. IE 6 doesn't support HTML5... And it's still far too widespread.

        IE6 usage is like 1% in Australia now isn't it? IE6+7 together under 5%?

    Cricket streams, porn, and iView. And some bastard type embedded videos that arent YouTube vids.

    Flash still exists?
    But seriously, I hate flash. As a web developer, I'd rather code in HTML5, however, there are people still stuck in the stone ages that use crappy versions of a certain browser make this transition a little bit harder. If you decide to have flash on your website, make a fall back! Not just for mobile devices, but for people who have disabled it or never installed it.

    To answer the question: Nothing.
    I don't know why users who have a phone that supports flash brag about it. Big deal..


      Is that an iPhone in your pocket or do you feel vindicated about your purchase decision ;)

    I use it for 'video sites'. HTML5 for these sites makes the quality of video 240p, but by viewing the desktop website (flash) the video quality improves significantly. If there is a free alternative to this I will never use flash again :p

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