What Do You Listen To When You Work Out?

US Swimmer Michael Phelps is a medal winning machine. It's mostly due to the fact that all he does is swim and swim and eat healthy and swim and exercise and swim a bit more for good measure, but what does he listen to to pump himself up?

Phelps tweeted right before his last race yesterday that he was listening to a few things to get him in the mood to chew up the competition on the world stage.

So that's what Phelps had in his head other than a rudimentary grasps of grammer, so what do you listen to while you're feeling the burn?

Image: Marco Paköeningrat, CC BY-SA 2.0



    weights is more metal orientated, qotsa, nin, tool etc. cardio based activity is more along the lines of crystal method, hybrid etc.

    No real specific genre does it for me, just whatever songs i'm really liking at that moment, so it ranges from poppy stuff like Twinsy or Silversun Pickups to Marilyn Manson to Kanye or whatever Aussy hip hop is good atm. Pretty all over the shop but I find that motivates me best.

    Depends what's playing in the climbing gym. Not that I pay much attention to it anyway - too busy working on bouldering problems or getting chatty with another climber.

    Don't listen to music, not a fan of being run over by cars just because I can't hear them coming.

    Amon Amarth, you will never listen to anything else again when you work out! no lie!

      Good choice, twilight of the thunder gods ftw

    "Eye of the Tiger" and "Holy diver" are pretty awesome workout tracks :)

    I personally make a playlist with as much (insert genre opinion here) such as;
    Slayer, darkest hour, sepultura, most precious blood, the haunted & a recent addition with a near perfect bpm for cardio-black breath. More of course & some varied songs with solid beats as well, like; it ain't hard to tell (nas), kick in the door (notorious b.i.g), bangarang (skrillex). Whatever floats your boat. Not sure what sort of work out I'd be doing with Phelps music selection though. Definitely not the 'music' of champs if you ask me..

    Hmmm, I can't say Phelps selection would work for me either Rederikishejoe, but each to his own, below are three links to some of the "less" embarrassing in my iPod video playlist at the moment, and just for the looks I get two I play just for anyone who glaces at my Pod when I get weak and use the running machine and have it set up to view a clip ( I call them viable Artist Merit music clips with a beat,,,,,soft porn really).
    Scandal-I am the Warrior http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDuWFYOTyqA
    Fun.-Some Nights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQkBeOisNM0
    Loreen - Euphoria http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqYtlpZ-9N4

    And for the "Artistic Merit"
    Sunblock - I'll Be Ready http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZqvvy0dfw8
    Sunblock - First Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAYQrrI4Xd4

    I listen to one of 3 things:

    1) my girlfriend complaining about uni, work, life
    2) my friend complaining about work, boasting about work
    3) my friends constantly saying "f**k shes hot, omg shes so ugly" etc etc

    " It’s mostly due to the fact that all he does is swim and swim and eat healthy and swim and exercise and swim a bit more for good measure,"

    Not to mention the occasional smoke of weed here and there?

    For me, techno and (REAL!) dubstep, something about electronic music works better for me than instrument-based.

    Some heavy doomy/sludgey stuff.

    riff cannon
    aleph null
    old man lizard

    ASOT or TATW

    Whatever I listen to, I always make sure that it fades out...

    Wow, there's so much metal in here haha I thought I'd be the only one.

    Moshcore stuff like Emmure/Parkway/Bury Your Dead is a good pump up.

    Disturbed ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K9jBL2syJ8

    Looking at my workout playlist its pretty much all hard or fast rock with a good rhythm (Andrew WK, Muse, Mudhoney, Queens of the Stone Age, old AC/DC, the faster Metallica tunes, Body Jar etc) or driving psychedelic trance as it sits nicely at around 140Bpm which is perfect for cardio. The build ups also make for a good way to push yourself into the red zone for 1-3 minutes (Tikal, Wizzy Noise, Talamasca, Psydrop, Mindelight, Shock Wave, Cyber Cartel, Astrix, Alien Project etc). If your into listening to dance music while excercise i'd highly recommend any of these artists if you are after something a big darker and something that will make you push yourself to the next level.

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