'We Know Your House' Uses Twitter To Find Out Where You Live, Posts It Online

You've been living with social media for long enough that you probably know most of the do's and don'ts. Don't post pictures of your debit card, or of your billionaire boss shirtless. But be careful when you use the word "home" too; people are watching.

WeKnowYourHouse.com is a recently launched website with an apt name. Basically, the site scans Twitter for tweets with location data that also make a reference to "home". From there, they can take the latitude and longitude, plop it in to Google Maps and get a reasonable estimate of your address. Lastly, they plot it on a map. It's creepy as all hell, but all just "a social experiment" according to the site.

Right now, all the most recent addresses they've posted seem to be in Ireland and the UK, but there wouldn't be anything keeping them from expanding, or keeping anyone else from copying their idea. They offer you the option to "opt-out" on the site, but you have to sign in with Twitter to do so, and give them some information when you do it. It's a little sketchy.

If you don't want anyone to be able to find out where you live on whim, your best bet is going to be to play it extremely safe with location data. You should probably just turn it off all together, especially if you never really use it for anything anyway. After all, if these guys can do it as a "social experiment" anyone else can do it for much worse reasons. [WeKnowYourHouse via Reddit]



    Or you know, just don't use twitter. It's a silly website/app/whatever.

      A fount of information, Daniel. What would we do without you.

      You haven't used it, have you?

        I have and can say that just like Facebook, its a time consuming nonsense. I dont what's so great about it. It seem to just be a big list of everyone's (uneducated) opinion on everything, and then some pictures about stuff and things. Big whoop.

          A comment about people being uneducated, written in practically pidgin English.

          Bravo, Ash. Bravo.

          No i occasionally read tweets thats been linked by other websites, but I don't have a twitter account nor do I plan to ever get one.

            @olearymo: I don't know what your problem is with people who don't use twitter. Are you so butthurt that you can't read any of my mundane thoughts and opinions? Because the fact the fact that you replied back at me and Ash, I assume I am correct.

    I am 19 and proud that I do not use any social media.. waste of bloody time.

      "Hey why didn't you guys invite me to your party?"

      "Oh we did, didn't you get the facebook invite?"

      *boom tish*

        *Oh, you still use that stuff? I thought that was only for tweenies, perverts and try hards?*
        *Hey, what can I say, its a great way to pretend you're cooler than what you really are*
        *Okay see you later, I'm going sky diving. Enjoy your party*

          oh no! Some people are using something that you don't like using! WAAAA! WAAAAAAAAH!

    A good way for the law to bait such people, and then lock'em up.

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