Watch The New Deadmau5 Video, Complete With UFC For Robots

Like Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Deadmau5, robot fighting, Nyan Cat shirts and funky beats? We've got something for you.

Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way) is the new single from Deadmau5, and the video clip, posted to YouTube yesterday, replicates a futuristic pay-per-view broadcast of a UFC battle for robots. That's right, giant robot Deadmau5. The video also features hyped up fight-night announcers and a creepy robot cat.

It's the first single from the new album, called >album title goes title here<. And no, in case you were wondering, that is what it's called, I didn't just forget to put it in.

Hit play for some funky beats. Play it loud!

Thanks, Ben!

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