Watch The Mars Curiosity Rover Landing Live With Gizmodo Australia

Not long now until the highly-anticipated landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Watch the full, live, uninterrupted stream right here on Gizmodo Australia.

The landing is set to take place at 3:31pm (AEST) today, but you can watch the live, uninterrupted feed of the event from 1:30pm (AEST) today thanks to the World Science Festival and NASA.

If you want a sweet fact sheet on the mission so you can sound clever to your co-workers all day, you can get one here (PDF).

Update: NASA's just finished a briefing on the live channel right now, but bookmark this page for 1:30pm AEST and we'll bring you live, uninterrupted commentary right through to the insanely technical landing.

While you wait for the landing, why not read this story about how NASA allegedly took the idea to save Apollo 13 from an unnamed MIT graduate, or even watch Bill Shatner explain what's going to happen.


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    This is what they should have on all the tv screens around the world.

      It's going to be all over our office screens today, let me tell you!

        I just put in up on our monitoring system screens in the corner of the office.
        It's temporarily usurping the BOM radar for Brisbane.

          There's sure as hell nothing happening on the BOM radar of Brisbane at the moment. You won't be missing anything.

    As per the NASA tradition. I will be passing around a can of roasted peanuts at work :)

    Looking forward to this!

      yeah and the nicotine gum at my place also.

    Update: NASA’s just finished a briefing on the live channel right now, but bookmark this page for 1:30pm AEST and we’ll bring you live, uninterrupted commentary right through to launch.

    Don't you mean landing?! or is it the launch of the landing?! My head hurts.

      GAH. Yes. Landing. Let me correct my Monday morning derp-merchantery. Also, merchantery isn't a word. Made it up. Just like that. That's how bosses do it.

        if it was a word, I'm, sure it'd be spelt merchantry...

        just sayin......!

        (now please stop it Luke- you're turning me into a troll!!!)

      Or "lunch" maybe?

    Will take a short break from work to experience the 7 minutes of terror.

    The official feed :D

    This is a NASAS java app that will show you a quite decent 3D simulation of the entire event, live & real-time. Makes a good counterpart to the TV stream, so you can see what the commentators are talking about as it happens.

    1.30 on the dot?

    im afraid that ill miss it, as it is only a 7 minute thing

      GozzaV, note this from the article - "The landing is set to take place at 3:31pm (AEST) today, but you can watch the live, uninterrupted feed of the event from 1:30pm (AEST) today thanks to the World Science Festival and NASA." So the first two hours is not actually the landing, it's just commentary. Much like the 2 hours (or what feels like 2 hours) before a football game.

    Imagine if there were as much excitement and coverage of scientific events like this one, as the olympic games, or as much drive by the world to further mankind and explore... image where we would have been!

      My thoughts as well.
      It's all well and good watching people run and jump and ride around a field (something kids have been doing since year dot), but this is mans most demanding and astounding feat yet.
      Well, other than actually putting feetprints on the moon.

    thanks mate... might just check it out at 3.30 then :P

    As much as I hope this all goes smoothly, there are so many potential points of failure, that I can't help but think something will go wrong. My pick is that one or more of the cables won't disengage after Curiosity touches down. That will result in the rockets launching, dragging Curiosity back up into the atmosphere and bringing it crashing back down. I hope I'm wrong.

    My Bet is on it crashing......................

    This beats the olympic games over excitment anytime, but i'm afraid whatever they might discover it will not be anykind of life on Mars now or ever before .

    Is there audio? Can't hear anything?

    is there supposed to be audio?

      I heard some audio. Seems like everyone there is called Roger

    Hello, is this NASA? Good! Listen: I'm sick of your boring space launches. Now
    I'm just an ordinary, blue-collar slob, but I know what I
    likes on TV. Shut up! And another thing: how come I can't get no Tang
    'round here? And also --

    Anyone geting sound with live feed on iphone?

    These kind off Scientific project costs a lot of money just to discover only rocks and dust. And another big blow to evolution because life has only been created here on earth. and not on mars, or jupiter, or venus, or planets criptons.

      Yeah, rocks and dust... right. You realise they're studying the potential of life on Mars, and the possibility of a manned mission, or even humans living there. Stop whinging.

        Oh, and uh, how is it a "big blow" to evolution?

          It's called a troll. Learn to identify them, then learn to ignore them. You'll quickly find that your quality of life improves dramatically!!

          dang fool is trying to say life was created, not evolved and only happened once. Here. On Earth.
          If this foolish individual WAS created, the creator failed.

      & if they explored your cranium they would find similar.

    Will we actually see the landing or just a bunch of boffins sitting around in their blue shirts? If its just the blue shirts then I'm going back to the bears catching salmon in Alaska!/live-cams/player/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls

    wat the hell is a EDO!!!! im so confused

      According to my Google translate extension it's "A member of a people inhabiting the district of Benin in Nigeria"

        bloody Nigerians, probably trying to sing up martians to some lottery or some dead princes bank account
      found it!

    You know it would really be awesome if we had the live stream subtitled by a lip-reader! I would love to know what they are chatting about when the camera zooms to people.

    WOW I just saw the peanut jar pass around , must be getting close.....I have got the bears on pip so I don't miss the bear action .....

    Stupid question maybe, but what is it with the peanuts?

      NASA's Ranger moon missions failed for tries 1-6, but #7 succeeded, and it was attributed to peanuts being eaten at the time. So since then they've done it for good luck.

    The people involved must be crapping their pants!

    I'm feeling nervous for them, I keep thinking it's too crazy to work. Got my fingers crossed.

    Looking forward to check out the video of the final 2 minutes of landing. Probably going to be ages until we get our hands on it unfortunately :(

    This is the best lunch time entertainment ever.

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