Watch The Mars Curiosity Rover Landing Live With Gizmodo Australia

Not long now until the highly-anticipated landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Watch the full, live, uninterrupted stream right here on Gizmodo Australia.

The landing is set to take place at 3:31pm (AEST) today, but you can watch the live, uninterrupted feed of the event from 1:30pm (AEST) today thanks to the World Science Festival and NASA.

If you want a sweet fact sheet on the mission so you can sound clever to your co-workers all day, you can get one here (PDF).

Update: NASA's just finished a briefing on the live channel right now, but bookmark this page for 1:30pm AEST and we'll bring you live, uninterrupted commentary right through to the insanely technical landing.

While you wait for the landing, why not read this story about how NASA allegedly took the idea to save Apollo 13 from an unnamed MIT graduate, or even watch Bill Shatner explain what's going to happen.


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