Video Shows Alleged iPhone 5 Display Isn't Just Longer -- It's Stronger

A Chinese site claims to have the leaked iPhone 5 screen. It shows a much longer, more durable display, but bear in mind that this could be complete and total crap.

If you don't want to watch a very detailed clip where a guy who appears to have condoms on his fingers does a side by side comparison between the glass on the 4S and the rumoured 5, here's the breakdown. The glass seems to be more scratch-resistant than that of its predecessor. Other than that, most of the alleged changes come down to size and minor design tweaks -- thinner panel, smaller home screen, but a larger, taller overall display. The camera sensor has also moved slightly from the left to the middle.

He concludes that it's a better phone but, well duh. Why would it be worse? In an earlier video, the same site reaffirmed the reports of a longer, two-tone unibody design. But there are loads of rumours floating around as we near the reported launch of the device. But for all we know this could actually be bunk and Tim Cook could reveal a hamburger phone. [ETrade via 9to5mac]


    Does he have condoms on his fingers?

      Yes, yes he does!

      Exactly what I came here to say lol!

        I say YES

          They're finger guards :-P Used in hospitality and probably other industries to cover and protect wounds. Readily available at the chemist. I don't know why he's wearing them instead of gloves in the video though.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Finally I can rub my keys on my iphones screen without any fear of scratches. Thanks apple!

      Only if you remember protection.

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