Twitter No Longer Displays Which App You're Using To Tweet

If you're paying close attention to your Twitter feed this morning, you might have noticed that Twitter's web client no longer displays how a tweet is posted to the service. Previously, if you viewed the details of a tweet, it would reveal that it was posted via Tweetbot, HootSuite or any number of services and apps that can be used to post updates — including Twitter itself. Is the end near for non-native apps? Nah. But it's a big step towards it.

This particular design tweak isn't all that surprising given that Twitter has been overt about its intention to block third-party apps that replicate its core services. Pretty soon, if you want to use Twitter, you're going to have to go native. This is just the beginning of the slow process by which Twitter will force your favourite client out — unless its developers are willing to play nice with the mamma bird. [The Next Web]

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