Tiltpod Mobile Review: Does Your iPhone Need A Cradle?

Tiltpod Mobile Review: Does Your iPhone Need A Cradle?

The idea of a tiny tripod with a little magnetic slot for your iPhone sounded pretty useless at first. But it turns out to be quite handy to have in specific situations.

What Is It?

A rotating and tilting tripod that grips the side of an iPhone 4/4S and doubles as a keychain.

Who’s It For?

FaceTime talkers, self-portrait takers, and anyone sitting at a table watching videos on a phone.


A magnet connects the moving phone-gripper to a wide, flat base, and a loop links to your keys.

Using It

It’s convenient for using FaceTime while your hands are busy holding a baby. With the Self Timer app for the iPhone camera, the Tiltpod sets the phone up for versatile self-portraiture.

The Best Part

The magnetic ball-and-socket offers a wide range of motion, and the attraction is just strong enough to hold a steady position.

Tragic Flaw

If the iPhone 5 is thinner, as expected, it’s unlikely the Tiltpod will grip it well.

This Is Weird…

The little loop of string to tether the grip to the base is a lame and inelegant mechanical connection.

Test Notes

  • Used it to hold a keyring with three keys on it. Nice weight distribution.
  • You have to take a case off of the phone to fit it in the Tiltpod grip.
  • A hefty pocketful of keys can separate the two magnetic pieces.

Should You Buy It?

Have you recently propped a phone on its narrow edge to carry on a FaceTime conversation? Do you have a photo library full of self-portraits taken at arm’s length? And do you carry the phone without a case at all times? You might like this!

But, of course, you’ve also been getting by fine without the Tiltpod so far. This tool is inexpensive, compact, and it works well enough, but it’s definitely optional. Hold off if you plan to upgrade to a new iPhone soon.

Tiltpod Mobile

• Price: $US14.95
• Material: plastic tripod, metal keyring
• Colour: black