This Pillbox Will Guilt You Into Remembering To Take Your Meds

It's staggering to see how many pills seniors have to take every day, but not as overwhelming as the ridiculous number of organisers they can buy to help them remember which pill is taken when. And at the top of the heap is this $US250 pill-sorting contraption that actually needs to be programmed with accompanying software.

When connected to a computer the pillbox's software lets you enter the name of the prescription, how often and when the medication needs to be taken, and other special instructions like having to take it with food or water. It will then print out a reference sheet that can be attached to the lid making it easier to decipher which pill is which. And when it's time to take something, an audible and visual alert will go off, and the box with the appropriate pills will glow so it's almost impossible to make a mistake. It's an incredibly expensive way to keep track of a medication schedule, but after spending $250 you'd probably make sure you were always near it so you'd never miss an alarm or a pill. But maybe that's the point? [Hammacher Schlemmer via Ubergizmo]

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