This Photojournalist Is Capturing The Olympics With Just An iPhone

The Guardian's Dan Chung is photographing the entire Olympics using just an iPhone 4S and processing app Snapseed. Though it seems to have taken him a while to find his feet, the results are becoming sensationally good -- and with his updates continuing until the end of the games, there's far more to come.

Go take a look at his work. [Guardian via Verge]


    How did he take the photo underwater with an iPhone?

      Lifeproof case?

      Some competition pools have viewing windows under the stadiums. Could possibly be that. Or perhaps he coined an Olympian to take the shot during a turn.

    He obviously ha a telephoto lense attachment too, so not just an iPhone really.

    The results are quite decent but I wouldn't be hanging up my DSLR just yet.

    Underwater shot is from the pool viewing window (the phone isn't in the water)

    I would think that he would be trying to take advantage of the smaller physical size (than a DSLR) to get shots/perspectives that the others (Pro DSLR users) can't. Doesn't appear that way. What a waste of time. Just comes across as lazy.

      I just looked at his portfolio of shots.......
      I can't see a single shot you need an iPhone size for that wouldn't be made by a DSLR or Rangefinder.
      He's just being cheap with processing and trying the "first on web scoop" method.
      Shame really some of them would be great with the right shutter speed , or just a "CAMERA"

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