This Is The Coolest Lego Batman Vehicle Chase You'll See All Year

OK, maybe not all year — we still have four and a bit months to go — but I reckon it's going to be damn hard for anyone to top this. Watch the clip, let its awesomeness wash over you and then find room for additional awesome as you realise that your vote could transform these wonderful Batman-inspired plastic brick vehicles into official Lego products.

Built by Peer Kreuger (whose work we've seen previously on Gizmodo), the motorised "Tumbler" and "Bat" shown here are up on Lego's "CUUSOO" website, where visitors are free to vote for user-made and submitted constructs they'd like to see produced by the manufacturer.

I doubt the Bat is airworthy, but the Tumbler, with its mechanical insides and glowing LEDs, totally looks the business. I'd be a bit scared of driving it around outside — I'd hate for it to smash into something and fall to pieces — but I'm more than happy to watch videos of other people doing it...

If you'd like to see photos of Kreuger's creations, you can check out his Flickr page, which is filled with many quality high-resolution images.

[YouTube, via Pocket-lint]

Image: Peer Kreuger

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