This Is One Of The Worst Deaths I Can Imagine

I hate, hate, HATE, the idea of being trapped in the water upside down. Or down upside. Or whatever side. It's one of the worst deaths I can imagine. Thankfully, if you are a USAF helicopter pilot, there's a way out:

An aircrew member attending the water survival training course sits upside down in the shallow water egress trainer chair at Moody Air Force Base, Ga., Aug. 9, 2012. The SWET chair tests the aircrew member's ability to breathe using a helicopter emergency egress device and successfully get out of the seatbelt while being underwater.

Still, just looking at this image makes me nauseous.

U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Stephanie Mancha


    Nope!! Fire...!!

      Nope, being eaten alive.

        Nope, going caving and getting stuck face down in a crevice 100m below the surface.

          Nope, being smothered by smelly old people with the sound of music playing in the background. Not likely to happen I know, but if it did.. .......

            Nope, being smothered by old people with the sound of music playing in the background while having my head stuck in a crevice and being eaten alive while on fire.

              Nope, dying of sexual exhaustion with Juliar Gillard as you partner.

                nope, iphone being the only smart phone in the market.

    Nope, I dread being trapped in a locked room full of people discussing the hypothetical specifications of a hypothetical small form factor iPad.

      Watch it! Last time I mentioned Apple on a non Apple story it was deemed inappropriate and was removed! Damn, I said Apple, 3 times now, oh well, I guess nobody will see this post either.

    I would imagine being burned to death in a burning helicopter would be worse.

    Clearly, USAF helicopter pilots havent heard of death by Nicki Minaj.

    Been there, done that, not too bad after the first time, somewhat fun too, then again i also seach of unexploded ordernace so i may be in the 'questionable menality' catagory

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