This Bed Gives Kids The Wrong Impression About Bear Encounters

According to cartoons, bears are nature's most cuddly animal and are more than willing to welcome children into their den for a snuggle. But that's a dangerous fallacy that this giant plush bear bed continues to reinforce.

Admittedly, the thought of curling up inside a giant stuffed teddy bear does have a certain appeal. But there's an inherent danger to letting your kid sleep in the arms of this furry brown bear. What happens if you eventually decide to take them camping and they wander off only to stumble upon a bear's den? Their first instinct will be to curl up the bear's arms — and we all know how that will end. So if you do decide to drop $US200 on this novel set of stuffed sheets, it might be a good idea to avoid the great outdoors until your kids are old enough to know better.

[Incredibeds via Chip Chick]

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