This 281-Gigapixel Image Depicts An Entire Animal At The Cellular Level

This might just look like a microscope image of some strange life form, but it's actually a massive 281-gigapixel image of a zebrafish embryo. New technology allows you can zoom in on it to show sub-cellular levels of detail.

The image is the product of a new technique, called virtual nanoscopy, which is described in the Journal of Cell Biology. The process involves stitching together nanometer resolution photographs of what's placed under the microscope, and the result is an image that can be explored a little like a Google Map.

To give you some sense of scale, the whole embryo, pictured above, measures 1.5 millimetres in length. At the other end of the scale, the dark dots in the image below are cell nuclei. Mind. Blown. [JCB]

Images: Frank G.A. Faas et al

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