These Super-Cheap SSDs Should Convince You To Switch Storage

If you feel like your computer needs a boost but are struggling for cash, here's something that might help: Crucial has just launched a range of value SSDs, and you can snag the cheapest one for just $US50.

The new range of solid-state storage comes in the shape of the 2.5-inch v4 drives. While they're slightly slower than their more expensive sibling, the m4, they still offer read speeds of up to 230 MB/s and write speeds of up to 190 MB/s with SATA 2-capable computers. Being 2.5-inch they won't fit in an ultrabook, but they should fit in normal laptops.

And then there's the prices. While $US50 will only get you a 32 GB v4 SSD, that may well be all you need if you're planning to run it as a boot disk for your OS to run off, or if you only use your laptop for light work. Either way, installing an SSD will give you a massive speed boost.

Of course, if that's not enough storage, you can pick up the v4 in 64GB ($US70), 128GB ($US100) and 256GB ($US190) versions, too. We've said it before and we'll say it again: if you haven't upgraded to SSD yet, now is the moment you've been waiting for. [Crucial]



    This might be an idea. Or at least something I've go to think about. My current computer is still running an IDE hard drive from about 6 year ago

    I just............cant. I agree with Massive Tom. I'm still running my standard drive atm. I KNOW an ssd will speed it up but theyre still exy as hell. When theyre the standard format and come down more, I will... but only when I get a new pc as well...

      $99 to change your life.

      (plus $12 shipping and CC surcharge - total $113.22)

        A Massive +1

        this article is a fail, these drives are no cheaper and slower

    spend the extra and get an M4, the V4 reads at 230MB/s, my M4 reads at over 500MB/s. well worth the extra money

      Provided you have SATA3. Sata2 is capped closer to the V4's limit. Considering this is aimed at gettin people to boost their current system, I think SATA2 is a fair assumption.

      You're right, though. In a new system, the M4 or alternatively a Corsair Force3 or OCZ Agility4 will be far better without spending too much.

      I personally can't understand how people work with 32GB drives unless they're for a cache. I find my 115GB drive way too pokey.

    The other thing to think about is that if you have USB 3.0, these things will fit in an external enclosure, giving you really fast external storage.

    I dont think these are that cheap, maybe once the street prices come out but as is I picked up a 330 intel 120GB for $110 which is benching at over 400 for write and read.

    Seems a little redundant when you have been able to buy 64GB SSDs for around $80, and 32-40GB for around $60 for quite some time now.

    You get what you pay for. Pay garbage, get garbage.

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