These Ferrari Headphones Bring Sports Car-Style Without The Sports Car Price

These Ferrari Headphones Bring Sports Car-Style Without The Sports Car Price

If a Ferrari is just out of your reach as an average tech consumer then don’t stress, perhaps these new Ferrari-branded over-ear and in-ear headphones from Logic3 will be enough to tide you over. If a Ferrari isn’t out of your price range, that’s fine too, these will match your pride and joy.

The Ferrari line from Logic3 is inspired by Ferrari rather than just badged that way. They were originally unveiled CES in January, but now they’re finally on the local market.

Despite the fact that these headphones are branded with the Ferrari’s trademarked stallion, these new pieces of kit from Logic3 don’t feel like the usual sports car-branded gadgets should. Normally companies will just slap a logo and some carbon fibre onto a device and say “Look! I made it sporty!”, but not these. They feel well put together and they’re priced pretty reasonably, too.

There are a few different headphone families in Logic3’s Ferrari range. Here are the details:

Scuderia Series



The Scuderia (named and designed after Ferrari’s track-eating Formula 1 cars) series of headphones are designed to be mobile, with an emphasis on smartphone compatibility. The models include:

• The smaller, more portable S100 and S100i (the “i” indicates iPhone compatibility) come in black and tan and will set you back $169.
• The portable R100 and R100i (again with the “i”) will run you $219.
• The P200 over-ear headphones — inspired by those worn in the Ferrari pit lane — which are available in black or red for $349, and,
• The R200 on-ear headphones, which are available in silver or white for $349.

Cavallino Series

The Cavallino series is the premium range, with an emphasis on premium design materials (leathers, etc) and detailed designs:

• The G150 and G150i is a premium mobile pair of earphones designed with noise-isolating technology. They’ll run you $229 in either black or white.
• The T150 and T150i earphones also carry the noise-isolating tech and are available in black or tan for $269.
• Finally, the T250 on-ear headphones available in black or tan will set you back $399 — the most expensive in the range.

Fairly reasonable prices for premium branded headphones, but we’ll see if they’re any good in our review coming up in the next week or so.

Is a brand name like Ferrari more likely to get you to buy a product? Or is it more of a turnoff?