The iPad's Smart Cover Could Someday Be A Second Display

Apple is trying to patent a Smart Cover for the iPad that has an embedded secondary display. Or in other words: eat it, Surface.

The cover would use a connector on the side of the iPad that would supply data and power to the cover. Here's Apple's description from the application:

[The] accessory device comprising: a flexible flap having a size and shape in accordance with the host device display, wherein at least a portion of the flexible flap is covered by a flap display configured to present visual information; and a connecting portion, the connecting portion arranged to provide at least a communication channel arranged to convey information between the host device and the accessory device wherein at least some of the information is presented visually on the flap display.

It looks pretty cool. But applying for a patent doesn't necessarily mean we're going to see this, or that Apple even has the technology to pull this off. For now, it should put Microsoft and its Surface keyboard covers on notice. [USPTO via Engadget]



    that is kinda cool

    The troughs are open pigs, come gorge yourselves.

    I kinda hope Microsoft have patented this already for their Surface and sue Apple... Give Apple some of their own medicine because i am sick of seeing Apple is now suing *insert company* you already have billions of dollars you dont need more

      I don't believe it's about the money

    "Or in other words: eat it, Surface." Yes, that's the way to maintain your credibility, Kyle.

    i wonder if they will use samsungs new flex displays?

    Now folks in front of you know what kind of porn yer watching

    So, exactly what the original Microsoft Courier was going to do....

    Kyle you need to research this stuff a lot more mate.

    For those who might point out, sure it was going to be a 2 screen device as apposed to a screen/cover as shown here, but really, at the end of the day they achieve the same thing.

    Besides, the cover that is standard with the surface (the one with the keyboard built in) can easily be adapted to do this as well.

    No real innovation here, just more copy + paste by Apple.

    so basically they just got a patent for a flexible touch display that connects to another device... fairly open and broad. nothing new here worth allowing a patent for by the looks of it. Going by the description basically any keyboard or pointer device that connects to a host device thats the same size... Asus transformer might be in trouble?
    Fairly sad that these "patents" for "invoation" just keep on coming...

    Awesome, now we can buy cases to protect our cases.

    Eat it Surface - Kyle you need to look for another job. One that suits your low intelligence.

    Does anyone with a smart cover have it open in such a way that would facilitate using the case as a screen? Mines always folded behind the iPad and I cant imagine it would be comfortable to leave it open unless it was on a flat surface. The case is just too flexible to be used in a book like manner.

    The connector in the illustration also looks suspiciously like the Surface's connector.

      Except it's doesn't actually work, look closely. The cover is used both as the stand and the keyboard, so it would have to wrap twice round the tablet to be any use. The Surface solution is far better. Or possibly it's not clear and you have the tablet, the keyboard and then the cover as 3 layers, again really unpleasant.

    Golly, we're breaking some new ground here! Apple are the masters of innovation.


    The patent system is fucked. It looks like anyone can patent anything with no intention of realising it just to cover their butts and for future lawsuits. I doubt this patent would have been lodged had MS not revealed the Surface.

      Only if you have enough money and a team of patent lawyers and engineers dreaming up this nonsense. Agreed about the surface comment.

      I only ever bought an Ipod and will NEVER buy and apple product again.

      Funny thing is, THIS is Jobs's legacy, he started all this nonsense and died before finishing it. Poor old Cook will get the blame for all of this.

    Too bad the iPad sucks

    Wow.... a secondary display... any idea on what the battery life of "the new iPad" would be?

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