Telstra Plans Massive 4G Network Expansion

Telstra's got a 12-month head start on its competitors when it comes to 4G, and now it's propelling itself even further ahead in the 4G race, today announcing a massive expansion plan for the next 10 months that will see its network cover 66 per cent of the population by mid-next year.

Over the next 10 months, Telstra plans to boost its existing 4G network -- which currently covers 40 per cent of the population -- out to 66 per cent of the population.

Here's the state-by-state breakdown:

Brisbane: Coverage will stretch from Brisbane Airport in the East to Indooroopilly in the West and from Coopers Plains in the South to Chermside in the North.

Gold Coast: New coverage to span from Surfers Paradise in the East to Greystanes in the West and from Tugun in the South to Hope Island in the North.

Sydney: Telstra will double the existing Sydney coverage, spanning from Manly in the East to Greystanes in the West, and from Kogarah in the South to Hornsby in the North.

Canberra: Coverage will span from Queanbeyan in the East to Duffy in the West and from Farrer in the South to Moncreif in the North

Melbourne: Telstra is doubling the 4G coverage in Melbourne, with coverage to span from Ringwood in the East to Werribee in the West and from Bentleigh in the South to Epping in the North.

Adelaide: 4G coverage will be doubled in Adelaide, coverage will stretch from Magill in the East to Henley Beach in the West, and from Torrents Park in the South to Broadview in the North.

Perth: More 4G coverage doubling in Perth, with service set to span from Maida Vale in the East to Fremantle in the West and from Willetton in the South to Dianella in the North.

As a bonus, Telstra is switching on 4G coverage from today at Bondi in Sydney and in the North Sydney rail tunnels. Telstra said that it's working on coverage in "every tunnel in every city in Australia".

There are 1000 new base stations coming for the 4G expansion, and Telstra has said that it won't need to acquire new spectrum from the Digital Dividend auctions to support this rapid expansion plan, but the telco has said that it will try to get hold of more spectrum at government auction.

As far as new devices are concerned, Telstra has promised five new 4G-enabled smartphones before the end of 2012, and in 2013 the carrier expects that two-thirds of all smartphones released on the network will be 4G capable. As far as devices on the network are currently concerned, Telstra currently has 160,000 4G smartphones live on its network and 340,000 devices now live for mobile broadband.

Telstra won't name the new devices, and assures us that "we don't have any information about new iPhone devices". That's according to Warwick Bray, executive director of Mobile for Telstra.



    Central Coast?

      Optus have the CC covered, at least north of Tuggerah/The Entrance covered :P

      Wyong already has 4G, it's faster than in the city. I'm guessing due to a lack of 4G users.

    Torrents park eah. Home of TPB?

    Any info on the Wollongong area?
    I know I get a 4g connection in the Wollongong CBD but wondering if it is being expanded beyond that.

      4G is available through Fairy Meadow and Towradgi. Also covers University of Wollongong and to a small bit of Warrawong.

    Newcastles 4g footprint is still pretty small as well

    Right now Telstra is REALLY hoping the next iPhone supports their 4G bands.

      What are the chances that Apple will use the same chipset as in the new iPad? Did the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 share cellular chipsets, or are there size issues?

      I hope it doesn't. Less idiots on my 4G network means better bandwidth for me.

      go drown someone else's network with your facebooking and instagraming

      It will support it

      The timing of this announcement suggests to me that Telstra insiders have received confirmation from Apple that the next iPhone will do LTE on 1800MHz.

    Fail, still wont be able to get 4G at my place and I live in Sydney.

    Jason, I reckon Telstra wouldn't "hope" the iphone supports their 4G bands. I'm sure they would KNOW :)

    I think we already are here in Tweed, were one of the first areas to get it, even though iirc the bloke at Telstra was telling me their 4G tower is at the Gold Coast Airport that covers part of us.

    What about Townsville? We have 4G coverage in the city and some close in suburbs. Been waiting for them to expand the coverage out.

    So pretty much the Tuggeranong area misses out in Canberra?

    Is there a link to Telstra announcement?

    so, iPhone 5 is def gona be 4G then.

      Probs not. It may support LTE on 700Mhz but Australian telcos dont use 700Mhz for LTE because its currently being used by all the people too lazy or cheap to go out and buy a $20 digital set top box.

        Maybe if the digital television service worked properly people would fully adopt digital tv. Coverage is pathetic and the analogue signal is far more reliable at present. There's nothing lazy or cheap about not adopting a technology that isn't as good as the present one. Tool.

    I'll be all over this once the WP8 Nokia 4G handset is released!
    Get me away from the horrible Vodafone network ASAP

    No news about Tasmania! Although, I already have 4g coverage in most places I'm at day-to-day... pretty good for tassie I reckon! +1 Telstra!

      Cool, that's good to know. I haven't checked up on Tassie coverage for a while, but I presume that all the greater Hobart area has decent LTE? What kind of download speeds are you getting?

    IPhone 5 will be 4G for US only which is around 700mhz like the iPad 3. Ffs, Do your research fanboiz!

      you know this how??? Post a link to prove your theory!?

        Post link to prove that Apple have moved away from only supporting LTE on 700 and 2100mhz. I have evidence that Apple are not going to support LTE on these due to Korean telcos having to go to apple to beg for them to add support of 1800mhz LTE. Here is my evidence. where is yours?

    What new devices do you think will be released?

    This is a very dissappointing and tiny expansion in Adelaide.

    It would be decent if they extended it to Mawson Lakes in the north, where congestion is an issue and this new infrastructure is badly needed.

    40% to 66% doesn't seem that "massive" at all - i would regard this as a modest increase in coverage, but it's better than nothing.

      Shows how little you understand mobile coverage. It seems to be only a small percentage. however to get this it will more than double the number of cells that already exist. this is a large update.

    When you say 'State by State' breakdown, you meen a couple of capital cities... Any word on Tasmania?

      Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canbera, Adelade, Perth? Since when does "a couple" equal 6? As for Tasmania, the only time we hear about (or care about) Tasmania is when the covernment needs an extra vote to make governemnt.

        I love the way people just dismiss an entire state of their countrymen becuyase our island isnt attached to the mainland. Such ignorance and it shows you've never been here.

    uhh, there is no such place as greystanes on the Gold Coast, perhaps you meant something like "to Nerang in the west"

    Here's a link to more info on the Telstra 4G expansion announcement today:
    Feel free to leave us a comment on the blog if you've got any queries.


      Jokes. We do them.


      Telstra is a festering joke

    No Tasmania updates? Oh well, when I move down to Hobart next year I should have 4g coverage anyway.

      For sure. The NBN will cover most of Hobart by then too :)

    Telstra know nothing about the new iPhone they have just assumed it will have compatibility, which is correct by the way. Sunshinecoast qld has 4g everywhere, Nsw is coming second in everything these days. :-)

      Everywhere on the Sunshine Coast? That's news to me. I returned my 4G phone because I couldn't get any 4G and I live smack bang in the middle of the most populous area in the Sunshine Coast.

      So now that we know the iPhone has three different chip sets for LTE and 1800 MHz is one of then how stupid do you lot feel. If you follow all technologies and Apple, they learnt their lesson with the new iPad and the 5 will work here on all four carriers and korea. Dumb arses! Lol

    Yawn. Ill be dead before Kelsey Creek or the Whitsunday Region gets 4G. This "massive" expansion is codename for all yo city snobs are getting 4G and anyone outside of the city will have to wait AGAIN!! Stupid bloody hellstra.

    When can I expect 4g Coverage to reach me in South Langwarrin? im 1-2 Km outside the 4G zone meaning im using a 4G stick on a 3G frequency, its been a year now.

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