TDK's New Headphones Are Gorgeous And This Speaker Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

TDK is known for designing really utilitarian, retro 80's futuristic audio equipment — black, gold, hard lines, Terminator, Burton's Batman, TDK — that encourages you to show it off without feeling like a showoff. And they've done it again. This time, with a pair of headphones that'll cradle your head and a new speaker cube that wirelessly charges your phone.

The TDK ST750 headphones ($US250) pack a built-in amp that increases the volume 6dB, pumps up the bass and supposedly compensates for lower powered devices. The supple leather exterior and big giant ear cups seem like they come straight from your Dad's living room. The Wireless Charing Speaker ($US400), on the other hand, steps out of the retro future with something potentially useful: inductive charging. The speaker connects with your phone through Bluetooth but can also charge your phone inductively (with a Qi compatible case). Plop it on top and get some juice while hearing Biggie's Juicy.

Here's a glimpse of other TDK products, the Wireless Boombox, Wireless Sound Cube and Wireless Weatherproof Speaker. Gotta love the exposed speakers:


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