Synthesiser Made Of Commodore 64 Parts Plays A Wicked Game Of Thrones Chiptune

Some people are just too clever for their own good. Take Reddit user "golgobot" and his synthesiser built from sounds chips taken from three Commodore 64s. Combined and programmed to work in concert, they can produce some fairly awesome-sounding music, like the Game of Thrones theme in the video.

The chips themselves are SID 6581s, made by MOS Technology. The hardware was used in several models of the Commodore, including the 64 and 128.

I'm not sure if it's the old school tech, the flashing LEDs or just the music, but as soon as that franken-device started belting out that now-familiar tune, I couldn't help but be impressed.

[YouTube, via Reddit]


    Why? lol

      More than happy to post a video of your superior attempt Bruce.

      Because small minded people ask why, geniuses ask why not!!!!

    This is great. Why Bruce? Because he can.........

    Awesome. I love the sound the SID chip creates. Makes me want to buy a HardSID pci card.

    Bruce, I did it because I can, because I learned a lot, and because I love building things. I also love mixing the old and the new.

    Someone described the LEDs as making it look like a digital pipe organ. I thought that was a cool description, but while they do add charm, they are also meant to be informatic. The green LEDs represent, in binary, the id of the register that is being written to, while the red LEDs are the value, in binary, being written to the register. It allows me to see inside the chip, and also makes for a cool lights display.

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