Sony Previews Xperia SL With A Screen That Might Beat The iPhone 4S

The Xperia S is a lovely handset, but it has the potential to be so much more. Thankfully, Sony has confirmed that the next generation isn't far away in the Xperia SL -- a 1.7Ghz smartphone with a killer 12-megapixel camera and a screen that may look better than the iPhone 4S' Retina display.

It's called the Xperia SL, and you read right: the iPhone 4S with its 640 × 960 pixel screen boasting 326ppi is about to be outdone by Sony and its Bravia Engine-enabled 4.3-inch, 1280 x 720 pixel screen which boasts 342ppi. Wow.

Here's what else we know about the SL: • It will have a 12-megapixel camera • It's going to be Playstation Certified for mobile gaming and streaming to your TV • You'll get 50GB of cloud storage that will be free forever • It'll have NFC sharing • Music and movies playback will go through the WALKMAN app that will also feature customisable sound options • The processor is a dual-core Qualcomm chip with a 1.7Ghz clock speed. • It weights 144 grams • It runs Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box (sorry Jelly Bean lovers) • It'll come in silver, white, black and pink

No word on release date or pricing yet, but I'm excited to go hands on with this thing. [Sony via The Verge]



    Not sure about you Luck, but I know there are plenty of phones out that the screen looks better or equal to a 4S.

    The current Xperia S already beats the 'Retina Display'.

      And so do a bunch of other phones - SGS3 and HOX/HOXL are the other obvious ones. iPhone 4/4s screen is well behind the curve these days.

    lol "might" beat the Iphone? I have no doubt you guys will find some way to show that its worse the the Iphone lol

      Iphone is not as good as you think, Xperia S is already better than Iphone 4S

        he was referring it giz, every comparison shows a superior phone that gets beaten by the iPhone in some trivial area

    Calm down fellow Android fans! If you'e going to be taken seriously you have to give the iPhone occasional rational credit. It still does a few things very well you know! :)

    The only Android mobile screen I've seen that comes close to the iPhone 4/4S display is the HTC OneX Super LCD 1280x720 display. However it still didn't have quite the accuracy and uber-sharpness of the iPhone 4S when held side by side. Particularly noticeable with small text.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Nexus screens both look decidedly average to my eyes. Over-saturated colours, a blue hue to whites, and that typical grainy pentile look. S-AMOLED Plus 1280x720 screens should be a great improvement when they hit the market, but for now LCD is sharper and more accurate than regular S-AMOLED. Some people don't mind pentile and that's great, but to my fussy eyes its simply an inferior method of pixel arrangement.

    So even though I prefer Android for 100 other reasons, I'd definitely agree that as far as pixel density goes (which translates to sharpness and detail in a smaller area) the iPhone 4S still has one of the best screens around. Just a shame its so tiny at 3.5"!

    I'm yet to see any Sony 1280x720 Android phones as I typically avoid Sony phones like the plague, but with LCD screen tech like this I'll be taking another look. Just hope their skin doesn't suck as bad as their previous efforts. Disappointing its not launching with JellyBean too.

      In Sony's defence, Jelly Bean was announced less than 2 months ago and the source code was made available to third parties about 6 weeks ago. At that stage, updating the Xperia SL to 4.1 would delay release by a minimum of 3 months.

      I know it's wonderful that the guys at XDA can get roms based on the latest and greatest out within days or weeks of a new Android release, but keep in mind that they don't need to undergo the testing and certification that the handset manufacturers undergo.

      Galaxy Note has a better screen than the iphone4s IMO. I have owned both and still use the Galaxy Note. I will definately be buying the Galaxy Note 2 when it comes out . Be nice to check out this new Sony phone though and see where they are at

      My friends SGS3 screen looks a lot better than my iPhone4, I'm quite envious.

    One X user here. I particularly enjoy reading articles on it at work during breal. All my iPhone toting associates are holding their iPhones to their faces. I have mine on the table, and sit back in my chair, and comfortably read.

    That screen is just incredible. The resolution mixed with the size is just perfect.

    About a year after the 4S was released, they'd want to hope it is better if they plan on being competitive.

    Sony should be making phones that compete with the next iPhone (iPhone 5/new) rather than technology thats 1 year old. Thats not a really good comparison. Still great screen and great specs. Cant wait for Giz to do a review on this thing - might get one for the Missus. Too bad it doesnt play DivX/Xvid files. I wonder what they mean by "3D and motion gaming" in the specs of the phone? Does it play 3D games? If so, how?

      It will play DivX files no problem, you just need to install the right media player.

      In any case, if the rumours are true then the new iPhone won't get a pixel density dump, just a taller widescreen format. Android phones already have a widescreen this phone is probably going to have a better screen then the iPhone 5 as well as its predecessors.

    The only thing that the Xperia needs to get done is to get rid of the awkward shape.. Make it like the S3 .. Organic like..

    Saw one of these in the stores the other day. Damn sexy looking phone. Much more modern looking than iphones/clones

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