Someone Found A Way To Make Water Exciting

I don't really drink a lot of water. On the rare occasion that I do, I get a lot of sideways looks from my friends (yes, I'm feeling OK). But I'm so enamoured with Sebastian Bergne's Tower set -- which includes cups, a filter and a caraffe -- that I might have to start drinking that stuff on a regular basis. [MocoLoco]


    Since when was drinking water considered weird?

    Personally i shower with my girlfriend and thats exciting enough.

    I shower with her too.

      I know you do, I saw you through the window. You really need to clean your shower Squeaky4all, and the outside wall under the window.

    Yeah, that did sound strange, on the rare occasion i drink water, something my body actually needs to function.

    Am I the only person here that only drinks water all day and nothing else? *takes bottle and refills it*

      *who drinks water*****

    I can't remember the last time I drank water ... must be several weeks ago at least, if not longer. Coke , beer and the occasional glass of milk. Water? ... Isn't that for washing in?

      Water? You mean like from the toilet?

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