Sleep If U Can: Trick Yourself Out Of Bed

Sometimes you need a swift kick in the arse to get yourself out of bed. You can have that in the form of an Android alarm app called Sleep If U Can.

What does it do?

Forces you to wake up by continuing to ring until you take a picture of a particular, pre-determined object.

Why do we like it?

There are mornings when getting out of bed is the hardest thing you will do all day. You hit snooze over and over, but no dice. You just want to sleep forever. You need some help, and and this is a good way to trick yourself into doing so. Once you take your head off the pillow and put your feet on the floor, life is a whole lot easier.

Sleep If U Can

Download this app for: Android (free) The best: forces you out of bed The worst: if you need this, you have issues



    Issues? This is a brilliant idea!

      issues like having to go to work.

    I wonder if you happen to have the alarm accidently set for say - 11am Monday morning and it requires you to take a photo of your bedroom to stop. If I am at I have to drive home and snap the shot before it stops? That could be a tad annoying.

      killing the process works :/ unfortunately voids all these kinds of apps because we can simply stop the app from running,

    Wish this was on iOS :(

    Even this wont help my fiance, she just sleeps while the alarm goes off, and i can hear it from the next room.

      Haha.. it doesn't change after you get married.. believe me, my wife was the same and is still that way after we got married. :)

      anyone else find it funny that you don't sleep in the same room as your fiance?

        He's already awake. That's why he's in a different room...

          haha yes

    Damn, what I thought it would do is just add a random amount of time to whatever the real time is so you get out of bed in a rush and realise that it's not that bad.

    I just pile stuff on top while I'm sleeping.. my ex told me that I even get out of bed and put in in the hamper whilst asleep.. Nothing will stop my sleep if i need it.

    Great idea, but geeez it looks nasty

    I could do with one of these.

    iOS version please !!

    This could be what I need. Of course, maybe not for tonight, considering it's 2am as I type this...

    I'd wake up in the middle of the night, take a photo of the "target", print it out and sit it next to my bed rendering this app useless, and rendering my Saturday morning perfect.

    Is this like all those other alarm clock apps (Alarm Clock Xtreme, Alarm Clock Plus) that no matter the hook (eg - solving math problems) they become useless because they can be switched off (or restarted) by the power button?

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