New iPhone Apps: Seedio, Garage And More

New iPhone Apps: Seedio, Garage And More

Need a little break from all the Olympic news? Check out this week’s edition of best new apps. We’re giving you a cat reference, a tool to sell your stuff and… OK, maybe one Olympics-related app.

Wolfram Cat Breeds Reference App: Whether you’re in the market for a feline or just a general cat enthusiast, you can haz cat facts with this app. From breed comparisons, to history, to basic info, all your kitty data is here. $0.99. [clear]

Seedio: Turn several iPhones into an iOS choir. Seedio (you know, seed) lets you port music to other devices so you can pump up the volume as loud as you’d like. Free. [clear]

Garage: Cleaning your closet? Have a garage sale on your iPhone with this app, which lets you post your second-hand stuff to others so you can make some extra cash. Free. [clear]

Michael Johnson’s Fun Run: Before Usain Bolt, there was Michael Johnson. The man with the golden track shoes might be retired, but now he’s at it again with this game. If you want gold, you must avoid junk food as you sprint. Free. [clear]

Partly Cloudy: Winter’s turning out to be pretty cold so far this year. Just how cold will it get where you are? Partly Cloudy will tell you the hourly forecast on the clock, so you know if it’s worth getting out of bed at all. $0.99. [clear]