Scientists Have Discovered A Compound That May Lead To The First Male Birth Control Pill

Scientists have just discovered that a compound originally meant to treat cancer could actually lead to the real-life creation of a unicorn: the male birth control pill. The researchers report that the compound, known as JQ1, holds the promise of a reversible form of male birth control. It's the pill but for dudes.

Sex without condoms! Of course, the compound doesn't prevent or cure any STDs but sex without condoms! James Bradner of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and lead author of the study says:

"This compound produces a rapid and reversible decrease in sperm count and motility with profound effects on fertility"

Which basically means: sperm count and sperm movement decreases enough that males can't impregnate anybody. JQ1 works by targeting a protein in the testis called BRDT that is essential for fertility. Inhibiting the BRDT, inhibits your ability to make babies. The researchers have confirmed that JQ1 works effectively in mice and that the desired effects are complete, reversible and don't come with any side effects. This contraceptive method is a breakthrough for sex without condoms. [Science Daily, Image Credit: AXL/Shutterstock]

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    There's been trials for a male birth control in Malaysia and India for a while now

      Really? in Malaysia? is there an article or link i could go to read on that?


        you can try searching for it yourself. i know google's difficult, but if you persevere, you may get results!

          Well, the person who made the claim should be the one to show the source.

        If it's not Malaysia it's definitely in that region. It's one of them anyway.

      [Citation Needed]

    I'd give it a week before some guy lies and says he is on the pill just so he doesn't have to use a condom

      Alternatively, they could actually be on the pill and not have to use one.

        Well yes, that would of course make more sense. I'm just saying that there is a potential for guys who aren't on this (or usually are, but aren't at the time) lying to avoid using a condom. Then again I guess there is the possibility of misuse for all forms of contraception.

    I thought the fact that you read Gizmodo is enough contraception.

    Hormone free? Give it a year or two and the conspiracy nuts will claim it's in the water supply, LOL.

    The real value is for committed couples and spouses who don't want pregnancy but want the joy of no condoms. I think this is brilliant and I know my wife will agree! Condoms suck.

    There's also the fact that post natal birth control is tricky and things like the pill effect lactating. I can definately see myself using them while my wife is breastfeeding. Not at the same time, though. That'd be weird.

    As if things weren't hard enough as it is, the traditional pill for women can affect their sex drive. So hopefully this won't do the same for men, not using hormones seems like it won't.

      This is my primary concern with the Pill and any male version - women have a wide variety of reactions to the Pill, and I hope that this solution will NOT yield similar variety in men. Then, perhaps the same team can go and look for a similar pathway in women to develop a side-effect free female Pill?

    Excellent. Will help minimise the accidentally-on-purpose gotcha pregnancies.

      Watch the die hard retarded feminists go crazy over this and want to ban or discredit it.

        Any feminist I've ever heard of would be happy for this. I'm pretty sure your post is based on nothing but a desperate desire to attack feminists :/

    Since I snuck a pregnancy past condoms, and my BIL snuck one past one of those arm implant thingys, I'm just gonna get the snip.

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