Samsung's Series 8 SSDs Are Designed For Your Parents

Now that all of our computers are much faster thanks to solid-state storage, it's probably time to start thinking selflessly and gear up those around us so that they can enjoy fast boot speeds, too. But being the IT guy for your family sucks, right? Thankfully, Samsung understands, and has released a new parent-proof SSD kit.

Samsung's 830 SSD series comes in storage variants ranging from 64GB for $129 up to 512GB for $899, but if you want to get your folks off your back, you can spend a little extra and get a do-it-yourself mounting kit that presumably anyone could have a crack at.

The SSD bundle pack includes a laptop or a desktop kit that comes with everything you need to install a new SSD. A 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch drive bay bracket, all the necessary cables and, if you're getting a Notebook kit, a USB to SATA cable.

These kits come at a $30 premium on top of the SSD you choose. That might just be worth it to get you out of a Saturday morning of tech support.

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