Samsung's First Windows 8 Touch Laptop Is Cheaper Than You'd Expect

Samsung's new Series 5 Ultra laptop doesn't look like anything special. But that's the whole point — it's for people not looking for anything too out of the ordinary, in terms of both specs and price.

The Series 5 Ultra is pretty much the same computer as the existing Series 5 — just now with a touch panel. It seems strange that Samsung opted to give its mid-tier laptop touch powers instead of its flagship Series 9. But it could make sense to just get regular people used to using touchscreens with the regular old computers they buy.

The Series 5 has a 1366x768 display, 10-point capacitive touch, i3 and i5 Ivy Bridge processors, and 4GB of RAM. It has a 500GB HDD, with a 24GB SSD ExpressCache. The laptop weighs 1.74kg, which isn't too much heavier than the old Series 5.

Why isn't this in the totally gorgeous Series 9? Cost and thinness. The Series 9 was already so thin that it had to sacrifice some of the keyboard travel distance that made the first version so good; adding the thickness and weight of a touchscreen — not to mention the cost to an already-expensive machine — would have been too much, at least for now.

The Series 5 Ultra will cost between $US800 and $US850 in its two configurations. Australian pricing details are yet to be confirmed.



    Lets guess the markup for Aussie Shoppers,

    I think + 50%

    What does every one else thing it will be?

      Realistically probably 40% online and 60% in store.

      +1 I agree it would be like $1500ish

      I bet I could get one at JB Hi-Fi for under a grand, before tax. i.e.. Roughly the same price as the US, even though they will sell 10 times as many over there and their costs are almost nothing compared to here.

        with NO 5GHZ wi fi cards like most typical PC's no wonder they are cheap.. everything about them is cheap, nasty and with no quality considerations at all. GIVE ME A MACBOOK ANY DAY!

          It'd be faster to copy stuff via a USB3 flash drive or even burn a DVD than transfer anything through 5GHZ wi fi.. oh wait..

    Oh look, it's under $1000 in the US? No import duty or GST!

      As a signatory to the WTO’s Information Technology Agreement, Customs says, Australia agreed to eliminate tariffs on computers and peripherals, electronic components, software, and telecommunications kit – such duties were eliminated in 1998.

      Sorry why is a 5GHz wireless better than 2.4? I guarentee you don't even know inb4 you google the answer, because if you knew you would never have used a 5GHz wireless card as a benefit

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Just use LogMeIn or something similar. There's dozens of remote desktop solutions out there.

      The only major fail will be the lag and the upload speed from (mainly) the source connection. Once the NBN / 4G kicks in, then streaming movies from home may become a reality and remote 'desk-topping' using a wireless source should be a bit smoother.

      I'm really interested in seeing this inappropriate comment, which seems to have a very not-inappropriate-commenty response.

    wonder if they'll have global warranty...

    sick of seeing "great offers" on here. Give us Australian "great offers" not reminders how we get ripped in Australia and let it keep happening!!!!Thought this was A Australian site. Why give us American Stuff??????

    LOL. That's not even the right picture. It's more similar in design to the Series 5 Ultrabook, not the Series 5 Everyday laptop.

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