Samsung Teases Convertible Windows 8 Laptop

Samsung Teases Convertible Windows 8 Laptop

IFA — the annual tech fair held in Berlin, Germany — is fast approaching, and Samsung has already teased a considerable amount. Now though, the company is really giving us a whiff of something new, namely something that looks a lot like a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid, complete with a Note-style S-Pen stylus.

The video shows the evolution of technology, from the invention of the gear-operated clock, through to the extreme close-ups on the device Samsung is actually teasing.

We’re not shown much, but it definitely has a stylus and it’s much bigger than a simple tablet.

Whatever could it be? Does Samsung have a rival waiting in the wings ready to take on the Asus Taichi we saw at Computex?

What do you want to see from Samsung at IFA? [CNET]