Samsung Teases Convertible Windows 8 Laptop

IFA -- the annual tech fair held in Berlin, Germany -- is fast approaching, and Samsung has already teased a considerable amount. Now though, the company is really giving us a whiff of something new, namely something that looks a lot like a convertible laptop/tablet hybrid, complete with a Note-style S-Pen stylus.

The video shows the evolution of technology, from the invention of the gear-operated clock, through to the extreme close-ups on the device Samsung is actually teasing.

We're not shown much, but it definitely has a stylus and it's much bigger than a simple tablet.

Whatever could it be? Does Samsung have a rival waiting in the wings ready to take on the Asus Taichi we saw at Computex?

What do you want to see from Samsung at IFA? [CNET]



    Looks like a Windows 8 converting tablet thingy

    Nothing. They suck. Just another 'so-called' innovation in technology thats like a kids toy. Fun for a minute or two, then gets lost in the pile of crap nobody uses because its boring and useless in bringing mankind forward. Enter Apple...

      Apple makes one with the same samsung parts but with an apple sticker on it. 'The new iLaptopblet so revolutionary that we sue all our partners that made the same design before us'

        Who's got two thumbs and makes a good point?

        THAT GUY!

    I can't gind this anywhere on the Apple website. Must be fake.

      Ginding it on the Apple website aint easy :-P

    If this is the Series hybrid they showed at Computex, it is just an Asus Transformer clone. I still want to know what happened to the TX100 they showed at CES in 2011. That thing running Win8 would be awesome.

    Surface ad meets Game of Thrones...

    Pretty sure someone at apple did a doodle similar to this in a meeting once. YOU'RE STEALING FROM US!

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