Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Arrives In Australia

Been pining for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1? Pine no more, as Samsung today announced local pricing and availability at the opening of its concept store in Australia. How much is it going to be locally, and did the gadget giant include the Australia Tax?.

Samsung will offer the Note 10.1 tablet from its Sydney concept store from 8am tomorrow for $589. That's for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model, mind. The larger storage variants and devices with full 3G support are set to come in a few weeks.

National retail partners like JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman will get the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet later on this week.

Comparing the Australian price of the Galaxy Note 10.1 to international vendors and, disappointingly, it's more expensive. The 16GB Wi-Fi-only model sets you back $189 less in the US as it does in Australia. Even if you add relevant sales tax and shipping, you'll still be paying a bit of a premium.

MORE: See the Samsung concept store gallery here.



    worth it?

    Double the screen res, then we'll talk.

    Man there are so many of these Samsung Tablets, hard to keep track of which one is better than which.

      For some reason they make all different sizes. No idea why.

      Here though it's pretty obvious- pressure sensitive pen and 2 Gigs of ram. No other tablet has that combo of features. Makes it very attractive.

        Its not an attractive feature if it is not noticable. I need to know if the 2Gb memory actually makes a difference before plonking down that sort of money on an ugly tablet.

          Um rodger, its looks the same as every other tablet out on the market, so what exactly makes this an ugly tablet ??

            The OS ?

    If not amoled the Screen Res should have been higher. What a dissapointment!!!

    It's high time the ACCC started handing out fines to companies that continue to attempt to rip australians off for tech. In the meantime, any aussie with half a brain will continue to order their stuff from the UK/US.

    Since MY last post wasn't allowed,
    U.S Price is $499 not $399, its only a $89 difference which when you factor in sales tax on the us price is actually quite close

    Samsung keeps coming out with tablets that are missing something. Either the screen res is crap, or its got something else that everyone wants in it. Why pay a high price for something that keeps missing the mark?

    I love it when new tablets come out!

    Having a pressure sensitive pen is pretty cool. Though I'd worry about loosing it I think.

    Not for me ... or anyone by the sounds of it:

    A real review. Doesn't look too good.

    This thing is TERRIBLE. The digitizer\pixel accurate stylus is a welcome addition and no doubt the technology will grow, but its just not there yet, and as a result Samsung's bundled apps are virtually unusable at this point, as the lag is so chronic. I saw a video of it in use on The Verge today and even scrolling basic menus would often stutter and choke.

    Many reviewers have also made comment that the screen is terrible. Even putting the low resolution aside, it has poor visibility and viewing angles.


    A high definition display may be wonderful but high definition content is bigger and may cause additional congestion on a network that is already congested.

    There is also the overheating, wifi and other issues on that other tablet - no thanks I think the 10.1 tablet is what I'm getting very soon.

    Anothet wonderful innovation from samsung! this tab is a speed demon at 1.4gh quad core 2g ram. amazing!

    Still there is no sighting of this tablet in JB Hifi and Harvey Norman. I'm hoping that tomorrow it will be in their stores.

      Samsung said it'd be in the reseller stores by now. Waiting game, I guess.

        I went to both JB Hifi and Harvey Norman today. Still this tablet is nowhere to be found. The guys from JB Hifi said that Samsung is always late in delivering their products.

    well then aftter reading the horrible reviews at the websites listed on here for the note 10.1 can anyone recommend an andriod tablet that I should get ??? Im interested as my HP Envy 13 has a battery that lasts for an hour when watching HD movies. A screen greater than 10inches would be a starting point.

    Firstly, the pros: Exynos which is the Cortex A15 cpu from ARM, which boasts great features, tho it seems this round, Samsung has backed off on "quality and quantity" in the Note.. The 2 gig ram is great, S pen is advantageous, And I hear what the other reviews have said/are saying, and my i say, i suspected as much. Given time, the Chinese (Allwinner brand) which you usually find the some knockoff tablets have and can give you the core specs, but to keep the prices cheap, they will use inferior components or less storage or something like that, to make the product appealing. So I am waiting... :D and yes the screen resolution should have been higher... You can read about the cortex A15 cpu at the ARM website by visiting Give you insight into making informed decisions when choosing Tablets/Notes... :D As for the Price, I tink someone is trying to save the World Economy by charging Australians more... go figure...

    Beware the Apple fanboys. They think anything with a half bitten apple is cool. They want the company to make a decision for them. "here we have one product, this is what you want". Well if you are the kind of person who doesn't like that, then android tablets/phones are an alternative with many sizes and colours.

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