Rumourmodo: New iPhone 5 Leaks Show Possible NFC Chip

Purported iPhone 5 parts just keep on leaking out This time around, photos from are showing what could quite possibly be a front-facing NFC chip.

Positioned next to the front-facing camera, the new piece of hardware revealed in the shots is suspiciously shaped like an NFC chip and located exactly where NFC chips appear in some of Apple's patents. But all anyone has to go on is a leaked picture, so it's impossible to know for sure.

If Apple did include NFC in the new iPhone, however, it would be in a position to take on Google Wallet, and there would suddenly be a lot more interest in the technology. Passbook already looks promising, and it's just begging to use NFC instead of QR codes. It looks like that could be the plan, but we'll just have to wait to see whether or not Apple is barking up that tree. [9to5Mac]


    they will be silly if they dont include one

    As an Android user I'm actually excited by this. Giving the iPhone a NFC might encourage the NFC technology to erupt everywhere. Specially here in Oz where it seems limited to DIY jobs, credit cards and key cards.

      I agree, the iPhone getting NFC, could speed up NFC adoption in Australia.

    I usually hate it when Apple releases something and pretends its a brand new technology (eg. siri), but in this case I hope they release an iWallet directly against Google Wallet. Why? Because it will get Google off their ass and implement it worldwide not just in the US.

      What makes you think that if Apple release an iWallet that it will be available for use in Australia? Siri only searches for US shops etc. so it wouldn't be out of the question for Apple to only make it available in the US as well.

        Using the iOS 6 beta Siri now searches for business all around the world I've been able to use it with some success but it does not have all businesses listed.

    Looks like everyone is on the same page here. Apple will carry on about this amazing new technology they have created that will revolutionise the way we pay for things. It’s ridiculous but this will be one of the few times I think we’ll all give them a pass – we all know we need Apple to push the NFC to make it mainstream.

    Hmm, looks kinda like a Galaxy S2... :P

    NFC is a joke , just get rid of it already nobody wants to use their phone as a bank card.


        Yeah, you're right... oh wait, except for large sections of Asia, such as Japan... I lived there for 3 years, used the NFC in my phone to pay for bills, groceries, train tickets, baseball tickets, taxi rides... in short, your argument is bad and you should feel bad.

      You haven't ever been to Japan, have you?

        1. Japan is a minority
        2. NFC is still a bad idea...

    I am pretty excited about the possibility of an NFC iPhone, and an NFC iPad mini.

    I can think of quite a few of my clients that could make use of the technology in a way that isn't possible outside of the iOS platform.

    When talking about NFC on the phone it is so Android. Apple don't like copying right? oh wait Apple don't like competitor copying their product but it is OK for Apple to copy competitor product such as the Android sliding notification.

    They have been testing the iphone 5's NFC capabilities at one of the major Australian telcos for the last week!

      You have proof?

        if that was/is the case, then we can expect the new iphone in about a week...

        they dont let the iphone out unless its like 2 weeks before launch...

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