Rumourmodo ‘iPad Mini’ Shows Up In iOS Developer’s Code Logs

Rumourmodo ‘iPad Mini’ Shows Up In iOS Developer’s Code Logs

It’s getting so close, we can almost taste it. In fact, Instapaper developer Marco Armnet already saw it. Kind of. Arment spotted in his iOS developer code logs what he believes to be the codes for two new iPad models — minis.

MacRumors reports:

The new identifiers found were “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6”. As Arment notes, the iPad2,1 through iPad 2,3 designations are known to represent the iPad 2’s WiFi, GSM and CDMA models. The iPad2,4 represents a die-shrunk/cheaper version of the iPad 2 that was released alongside the 3rd generation iPad. Finally, the 3rd Generation iPad carries a designation of iPad3,x.

As for “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6”, they have not been seen before, but Arment concludes they are likely to be the long rumoured ‘iPad mini’ which is based on iPad 2 hardware.

In his own blog post, Arment unravels at further length his speculations for the mini.

He also noticed code in the logs that would seem to stand for the new iPhone 5. “But that’s not a surprise — that’s almost certainly next month’s new GSM iPhone,” he writes. [MacRumors]

Images by Nickolay Lamm/Inventhelp