Report: iOS 6 May Confirm Taller, 4-Inch iPhone

Well, this is interesting. iOS 6, pictured above on the left, is now able to scale to show five full lines of apps when displayed at 640x1136 -- the resolution a reported 4-inch iPhone would have.

iOS 5.1, which is on the right, only shows four lines when run in the same iOS simulator app. That's telling, since there would be little reason to add the support for additional lines if the screen was not going to get bigger. 9to5mac also reports that the simulator will not display the five rows at any resolution other than 640x1136. Other resolutions scale it to the iPad's home screen.

This is just the latest evidence that we'll see a 4-inch iPhone. There is a phalanx of iPhone rumours cramming itself down our throats, and almost all of them point to a taller, 4-inch model with the aforementioned 640x1136 resolution.

So it looks like big iPhones are coming in September, or at least extra real estate on your favourite iOS simulator's home screen. [9to5mac]



    Just looking at the pictures it doesn't really look like it's proving anything expect that the icons are closer together.

      It's a fith row. That doesn't 'just happen' without Apple coding it.

      ?? It's showing that iOS 6 is the only version of the OS that supports 5 rows of icons. Older versions just stretch out 4 rows when the aspect ratio is changed.

        5 that's amazing...well no it's not. It still doesn't prove the next iPhone will have a bigger screen if the evidence is just a image/picture.

          You seem to be a bit dim. Let me break it down for you. iOS 6 will be released with or around the same time as the new iPhone. They have added support for 5 rows of icons, i.e. support for a longer screen. Don't you think that means Apple is anticipating an iPhone with a longer screen? Grow a brain.

            I am only going by the image/picture and to me it just looks like the icons are now closer together (less space being wasted between rows), making room for 5 rows. Please understand that I AM GOING by an image/picture

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                Screen on left: longer/taller resolution than current iPhone, iOS6 allows 5 rows + dock. Space between icons is similar to the current layout.

                Screen on right: longer/taller resolution than current iPhone, iOS5 maintains the 4 rows + dock. Space between icons is greater than in the current layout.

                Then again, who's to say this isn't a digitally altered mockup.

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    and no doubt it will be "revolutionary"

      It's one whole extra line!!!

      You have to love the devoted iPhone lovers :-) Never will they back down.
      Now, if you re-read all my comments, I said
      "Just looking at the picture..."
      "if the evidence is just an image..."
      "I'm only going by the image..."
      and now for number 4 - I'm only going by an image where it clearly shows that the icons are closer together when compared with the previous version. Both images are the same size in the article and once again... I'M ONLY GOING BY AN IMAGE. I hope you are able to understand what I'm referring to but if you don't, I won't hold your comments that are directed towards me against you :-)

    My iPhone already has five rows. This proves nothing.

      and the image on the left has 6 lines.

        5 rows and a dock for the people that need 100% clarity and can't fill in gaps.

          no iphone has 5 rows plus a dock, unless its jailbroken

    Wow its an inch off!. sounds like a bunch of guys comparing sizesan apple boys getting excited to grow a little longer

    No one wants a bigger phone, it's just uncomfortable

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