Pack Some Heat With This Sweet Gunbrella

When you're on your way home from a long day of work and the sky opens up on you, sometimes you just want to shoot someone. With the Howdah Pistol umbrella, you can pull the trigger and not, you know, go to prison or something.

Personally, I tend to imagine that my umbrella is a extensible stun baton, but pretending it's some kind of wacky pistol seems like a viable alternative. And as cool as push-a-button-to-extend umbrellas are, pull-the-trigger-to-extend umbrellas seem just slightly cooler. Almost cool enough to out-weigh the inherent awkwardness of carrying an umbrella. [Brando]


    Just don't take it to the airport or court room on a rainy day

    Just for the record, carrying a toy or fake gun in Australia can yield that same fines and consequences as if it were real.
    In the case of a robbery, it doesn't matter if the gun is real, fake, loaded or not loaded. In a court they only look at the fact that someone has been threatened with a gun.

    Out on the street you'd have to be pretty dumb to carry this around. If you get caught it would certainly be confiscated and you'd probably get in a lot of trouble.

    What people don't realise is that if you are carrying something that looks like a gun, even if it is part of an umbrella, most onlookers will see the gun and nothing else (and panic and call the police). It even happens during film shoots - There could be a crew of 30 all in reflective vests and a camera on a crane but if someone sees someone running with a gun they just block out everything else.

      I'm not a lawyer, but...
      Firearms Act 1996 (NSW) Sect 4d: (3) "imitation firearm" means an object that, regardless of its colour, weight or composition or the presence or absence of any moveable parts, substantially duplicates in appearance a firearm but that is not a firearm. (4) However, an imitation firearm does not include any such object that is produced and identified as a children’s toy.

      So one way around this would be to have this umbrella declared a toy? :P Or, you know, not robbing banks/committing crimes

    A guy I use to work with had his Katana-handle umbrella confiscated by Cops walking down Sydney streets, and somehow I don't think this would fare any better.

    Nice way to disguise a gun..... then again a press to open umbrella/.gun is simpler.....

    What is easier to hide an umbrella to looking like a gun or a gun that looks like an umbrella....

    What is more likely to be confiscated....

    Yeah, You have to be careful. I remember when I was questioned about a tube I'd made for transporting large artwork- big thick tube with a shoulderstrap attached to metal bands at each end. They thought it might be a bazooka or something...

      that's just stupid

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