Old Apple G4 Towers Find New Life As A Lovely Coffee Table

At one time in their lives, these G4 towers were Apple's flagship workstations -- possibly cutting hundreds of hours of footage or editing thousands of photos. But today they're barely useful as paperweights and probably best suited as a pair of stylish supports for this Crunching Numbers coffee table.

$US600 might seem a little steep for a pair of defunct computer towers and a large piece of glass, but there's probably quite a few man hours involved in turning the hardware into a centrepiece for any Apple fanatic's living room. The addition of a brightly painted shock absorber in-between is a little odd, as are the non-functioning cranks on the towers, but let's just chock those up to design for design's sake.

[Re:form Designs via Home Chunk]


    How much of a fan would you need to be to think this is attractive?

      You only have to compare something like this to having a V12 engine coffee table. Each to thier own.

        I was JUST about to make fun of this, but you got me. I'd have the beating heart from a Berlinetta Boxer 512 acting as the stand for my coffee table in the drop of a hat. Why shouldn't nerds (well, bigger nerds than myself) feel the same about this?

    It's not bad, just a bit clunky and heavy looking. Just a single G4 tower sliced in half vertically down the front would make a really lovely table- just the side plastic and the handles... if you increased the size.
    Maybe do some 3D printing to make that?

    Take away the thing through the middle, and I'd have it in my house. Bear in mind, I'm single and live alone.

      With taste in furniture like this, it's not surprising :oP

    More useful as a coffee table than a computer, that's for sure.

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