Of Course You Need A 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive With Two Thunderbolt Ports

Cloud storage is great, but sometimes you still need fast, humongous local storage. How fast and humongous? How about, say, 2TB at 10,000RPM with two Thunderbolt ports.

Western Digital's MyBook VelociRaptor Duo is actually two 1TB 10,000RPM drives in one housing and claims transfer speeds of up to 400MB per second. The two Thunderbolt ports allows the drive to be daisy-chained to additional VelociRaptors, to increase capacity and performance.

Sadly, the VelociRaptor Duo is only compatible with Mac OS X. It has support for RAID 0 and RAID 1, and it comes with a $US900 price tag.

The speed and size is typically best put to use on large video-editing projects. But while the 10,000RPM alone is pretty good — though the real world difference between 7200RPM and 10,000RPM isn't thaaaat huge — combining it with Thunderbolt means you've basically got a humongous RAIDable SSD.

For more overkill hard drives, Western Digital has also bumped its pocket-sized USB 3.0 My Passport drives up to 2TB, which will cost $US200. [Western Digital]



    Hard drives? Are these retro cool yet?

      Only for people that don't actually do any work with computers.

    throw a processor, and a network port in there, and you've got a deal maybe...

    Uhh, 10k rpm disk isn't even close to the access time or thru put of a single SSD.

    For a professional who is frustrated by high SSD prices and slow transfer speeds, this could be very useful. If you make thousands of dollars a week doing something capacity intensive, it would make sense. For someone looking to store their pirate TV collection, maybe not so much.

    Too bad their external drives suck, quality wise.

    It's a bit unnecessary surely... Only compatible with Mac, $900.... Who is the market? Any business is surely going to use a file server of some sort, whether it be a SAN or whatever.
    Storing valuable files on external storage scares me a lot, they tend to break.

    Useless product.

    Jon I've had my external WD for 2 years now and I use it every day and ive had no issues so they probably like dont like you

    Why is every thunderbolt equipped external drive at least 5x the cost of something USB? Its complete bs, thunderbolt has been out for many years now and the technology around it still prices itself out of the market.

    I dont think you need to emphasise TWO thunderbolt ports, as it is designed to be daisy-chained.

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