NSW Government Urged To Ban Mobile Use By Drivers Under 26

NSW Government Urged To Ban Mobile Use By Drivers Under 26

There’s no question that texting while driving is stupid. You shouldn’t do it. One interest group though is taking things a little too far, saying that anyone under the age of 26 should be banned from using a mobile phone for anything when they drive.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a NSW government inquiry into reducing distractions while driving has been urged to implement the ban for “novice drivers”.

The National Road Safety Council is the group behind the call, and said in its submission that the ban should be implemented along with tough fines from Police for those caught offending. The council has admitted though that law enforcement by police in this instance would be of “limited effectiveness”. That gives way to the most insane part of the submission.

From the SMH:

For this reason, the council recommended investigation of phone-blocking technologies, stating ‘the best method for prevention of dangerous behaviours is not education, but rather physical barriers to the behaviour’.

So a safety council is suggesting that cars come with technology designed to block mobile phones? You’ve got to be kidding me.

So that’s one bonkers solution, but is there any practical way to get drivers to stop texting while operating a four-wheeled death machine? [SMH]

Image: Sylvar