10 Minutes Of Space, Bugs And Guns In Starship Troopers: Invasion

While Hollywood's first interpretation of Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers was hardly a tour de force, it wasn't a complete waste of film either. Since its release back in 1997, three other movies have been produced, including most recently Starship Troopers: Invasion. Currently only available in Japan, it'll be available in the US in a few weeks and Australia in a few months. To help you make a more informed purchase, here's your chance to watch the first 10 minutes.

Over at io9, there's a clip of the film's opening scenes, weighing in at nine minutes and 26 seconds. The animation is alright, but the blood effects look odd, though I'm not entirely sure why.

Invasion is directed by Shinji Aramaki, best known for his directorial work on 2004's Appleseed and for gamers, 2010's Halo Legends compilation of shorts based on developer Bungie's popular shooter. Given its lack of a mainstream release outside of Japan (though it is available on iTunes in the US), neither Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic feature reviews. However, it does have a 5.5/10 rating from 756 users on IMDB, which does not bode well for its prospects in overseas markets. But it's hardly damning.

It's destined for the US on August 28, while from what I can see, we'll have to wait for October 11 to see locally. Unless you import it or, ah, download it.



    Not a tour de force ? Starship Troopers is a cult classic due mostly to its Robocop style tongue in check glimpse of the future. Itsi carefully constructed pure cheese and fun to watch every couple of years.
    Not holding high hopes for the game though.

      Could not agree more. Starship Troopers is pure Paul Verhoeven and pure awesome!

      If you've read the original book, you'd find very little in common. I personally liked the original, but I had to disregard the book in order to enjoy it.

        I've always been curious, who started it in the book? Because in the movie, they're dissecting bugs in school, before the war starts. I'd call that a first strike - abducting and dissecting them, then getting all righteous because they retaliate with an asteroid? In the movie I saw the humans as the aggressors, really.

          No one technically started it, it's just happening. But the federation is at war with another race at the start of the book, and then ends it to fight the bugs, so i guess it's geared more towards the bugs starting it.

            Hmm. Thanks for that. Guess if I really wanted an answer I should read the book, but then it seems the movie is quite far removed.

    Another two thumbs up for the original film here. It is one of my favourites and a movie I can watch again and again without getting sick of it. OTOH, the sequels were very disappointing and I'm sure this new one will be no exception.

    Looks like another sequel that will never stand up to the cult classic original movie :( I was really hoping for a live action with the original cast.

    First Starship Troopers is a masterpeice.

    Unfortunately the brilliance of the way the film was written and crafted still escapes many people. It's too clever for it's own good. It can be enjoyed on the cheese, satire level however you can go so much deeper into the film.

    Hell people watching the film believe the propoganda in the film and still ask, "how did the meteor get past the earth defences". They believed the propoganda in the film. Missing the point. Then the brilliant ending which is a manufactured propoganda event. Where one character literally explains this and most people don't understand it and just get suckered into the rousing ending, excitement and music. It's brilliant!

      I've found this too. I saw it as a bit of a satire at first, and was amazed how many people didn't understand the 'would you like to know more' stuff was propaganda. I thought it was quite obvious!

      I loved all the propaganda, as it actually hints to the real events more accurately than the film itself :)
      (if that makes sense?)

    How is it they suit up, jump into an open cargo hold type area that isn't sealed from 'outer' space, proceed to open a can'whoop'ass but the bullet shells 'fall' to the ground and the bugs are securely on the deck and also their blood doesn't just float away. All this effort to make the movie and just forget all about gravity...

      Firstly: How do you know its not sealed from outer space, could be a force field like in Star Trek or Star Wars ?

      Secondly: Even if it was an open airlock, what does that have to do with gravity ? Gravity would be supplied by Grav plating or similar tech (which is how they have gravity on their ships) not by "keeping the air in".

    I've seen this movie, it is more true to the books than the last three. The armour is as described in the books. Ibanez and rico are back voiced by their original actors.

    I loved the book and still do but the movie was great in a 1950s movie way. The only thing it really took from the book was Space, Bugs, and um... That's it I think. I enjoy the move but like prefer the book so much more and if you haven't read it then you should then watch the movie so you can compare. That said, it's still a great movie but the book is so much better.


    Director Paul Verhoeven did RoboCop in 1987, Total Recall in 1990 and Starship Troopers in 1997. All of them have awesome fake commercials with a satirical slant. Verhoeven is awesome (for his niche).

    I still get a bit of sick in my mouth when I think of the sequels.. will I give this a go ? hmm.. at least a 10 minute preview might save me some pain later.

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