Nobody Wants To Get Married At Eric Schmidt's House Because Of Kim Kardashian

Eric Schmidt is the owner of a mansion in Montecito, California that's so beautiful and gorgeous that even the rich and famous use it to hold their weddings and parties. But apparently, not anymore. And it's not because Schmitty is no longer the Google CEO, but because of Kim Kardashian. Wait. What?

Kim Kardashian was one of those rich and famous who used Schmitty's house for her wedding and has apparently spawned a curse over the 1926 George Washington Smith-designed Spanish mansion (formerly owned by Ellen Degeneres). According to Radar Online:

Before Kim, the home was often used in the Summer months as a place where the rich could hold their private weddings -- but now couples are shunning the estate because they think the place is jinxed...

It's a combination of Kimmy K's "nouveau riche" and reality TV-ness that's turning off people but I can't help but feel sad for ol' Eric Schmidt. He gets caught in an icky affair, loses control at Google and now gets jipped because of Kim Kardashian.

Such is life, I guess. [Radar Online via The Verge, Image Credit Getty]


    lol rich people.

    Yeah, I'm sure he's devastated that there aren't hordes of people swarming all over his house constantly, messing stuff up, making noise and being dicks... I don't know how anybody could handle not having constant weddings at their place. And you know how he totally needs the cash that wedding rentals would bring.

    Sorry, sarcasm overload, that moronic celeb brings it out.


      The next person to say that something is a first world problem is getting a kick to the face.



          EVERYTHING on a tech blog is first world.

            yes! so true.

        I'm so sick of that too. Not to mention "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY".

    What I stated is based upon undeniable facts but not on pure thoughts. Obviously, certain malicious officers (e.g. ZZZ, YYY, VVV, RRR) do exist and I believe they had abused their judicial power to further victimize victims in reward to those fascism criminals. Something fishy is going behind. I also believe that, by law, I have the right to request to see the testimony and evidence they used against me along with their real identity, to clarify the case with confronation, and that's what I am reqeusting.

    How much credibility would an officer have, if he/she underhandedly made up cases to curse you while hiding their evidence/testimony and their real identities from your eyes?

    I wish I could say my girlfriends reasoning was different... Women....

    ahem... jipped, or gypped, is a racial slur against gypsies. It's like saying he got negroed out of it because of kim Kardashian.

      LOL ... gypsies totally got gypped. I guess we could say "gibbed" instead a la Doom :P

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