No, Curiosity Has Not Captured UFO Images On Mars

Ufologists are jumping up and down after "discovering flying saucers" in the latest images captured by Curiosity. It hasn't been the first time and it will not be the last -- the guys with the tinfoil hats are scrutinising every single image uploaded by the rover.

In fact, they are scrutinising them pixel by pixel. Literally. Take a look at the video above. According to the author:

Four objects caught by Mars Curiosity, very difficult to make out on original image so I have used a few filters to highlight. What are these four objects? UFOs, Dust particles, or something else? As always you decide.

Fortunately, we don't have to decide. These are not flying saucers or weather balloons or Venus gleaming in the morning. They appear in every single image captured by these Curiosity cameras, at any time of the day. That happens because they are not floating outside of the rover. They are in the sensor itself; some of the receptors in the sensor are not working.

They are called dead pixels, and many cameras have them (the sensor in my Canon DSLR has a couple). Usually you don't see them because they get mixed with the noise of Earth's atmosphere. In this case, against a perfectly clear sky in the thin atmosphere of Mars, it's easy to spot them if you look close enough. And, if you sharpen them, they will appear to have volume. You can do the same thing in Photoshop and see how that works.

But wait! Those may be dead pixels, but there's more. Check out this video to see:

• A "martian finger" with a "possible nail" -- or a rock (to be fair, it can be a martian penis too). • The sole of a martian shoe or sandal -- or a rock. • A dome structure in the distance -- or a rock. • A weird martian animal -- or a rock.

Here's a message to all the ufologists investigating all these images for proof of alien life: you don't have to do it. Among other things, NASA sent Curiosity up there to look for traces of life. Hopefully, they will find traces of some old bacteria or some kind of microorganism. If they find any, they will be the first ones to call all the TVs in the planet and make an announcement that will have deep repercussions in our understanding of the Universe and our place in it.

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    "to all the ufologists investigating all these images for proof of alien life: you don’t have to do it..........NASA sent Curiosity up there to look for traces of life."

    These images come from another FREAKING PLANET, you think the plebs should just go "golly gosh" in awe at the views and let the really clever and important people look for anything exciting or weird in the pics ?

    I suspect people like the ufologists feel incredibly lucky to be living in an age where they get the chance to see images like these (I know I sure do) and are fairly unlikely to take much notice of someone telling them what they should or shouldn't be looking for in them.

      "and let the really clever and important people look for anything exciting or weird in the pics ?"

      No, I think we should let the untrained idiots analyse and interpret them, instead of the engineers and physicists.

        "instead of the engineers and physicists."

        Why "instead"?
        I thought perhaps the engineers and physicists could analyse and interpret the images, and then the curious, fascinated and excited public (or untrained idiots as you class them ) could pore over the images, jump to wild conclusions, put youtube videos up or whatever tickles their fancy
        One lot are going to be taken seriously, the other not so much.

        Maybe there's a rule against curiosity and wild speculation that I don't know about, if so, its probably better that Nasa refrains from releasing these sorts of images to the general public in the future.

    Dead pixels do not cause a photo indentation like an object in a photo to appear as seen on that video and neither do pixel anomalies cause such an object to cast a shadow as seen in some other rover pics and video's. If you are going to post a bold statement at least base it on some fact otherwise i'll just say ...No, Curiosity Has Not Captured UFO Images On Mars...YES it has!

      The shadow casting is a result of the unsharp mask that has been applied to the images to enhance the clarity of the shot. You will notince in the first video that there are strange "objects" floating around each of the "UFOs" These are lossy artifacts that have also been enhanced to the point of looking like physical ojects.

        nor would 'dead pixals' be that size

    They seemed to have missed the Wehrmacht helmet on the video. Could it be that the Nazis are not hiding on the Moon but on Mars? Check it out:

      Nazis.... I KNEW IT!

      thats the first thing i noticed

    Our old friend pareidolia strikes again.

    You know, if the natives wander far enough from the village they are bound to bump into civilisation some time .

    Cover up!!

    Well I agree with Joe Dirt, dead pixels or faulty sections of the sensor would appear differently, furthermore, if this was the case, these same anomalies would appear in exactly the same place on all photos taken from that particular camera on the rover (1 of 17). I would be comparing these images to other shots taken as they get released. could be a little hard to know which camera the image was taken from, but something should emerge soon

    You see what you wanna see crazies...

    I've been watching the raw images released every day... someone is doing some photoshoping in that video (it's not the raw images being used)

    Well, you've certainly isolated a very obvious case of someone who is mistaking rocks for imaginary things. But by categorizing all ufologists in the same group as the maker of the video above, you make an error of reasoning almost as reprehensible as the video-maker: ascribe a general property to an entire class and draw conclusions about the whole based on the one. Why don't you examine some of the videos in which the video-makers look at objects that are less easily explainable? That's not to say you will not be able to explain them away as rocks or natural geological formations, but it is reasonable to imagine the explanation(s) in many cases are not quite so easily made. Perhaps you should devote a page to "video-debunking", and look at the whole range of the videos out there.

      or maybe that's about as much a waste of time as the people with the claims themselves. In decades of cameras and video, what do we have? NOTHING! Not a damn thing. Only fuzzy video, bad photoshops, and wild claims from witnesses. Talk about clutching at straws.

      I believe in alien life. The universe is far too big for there not to be but therein lies the problem. I don't think that A) They'd ever find us and B) they could ever travel the distances required. Only wormholes could allow it and that's only an unproven theory. Sure you could chalk it up to "well, they're aliens and they have the tech to do it" but I don't buy that. Until theres something solid, I'll remain on the side of the fence that says these people have too much time on their hands and need to go get laid.

    How can there be UFOs and Martians when it's all staged and filmed in a big warehouse just like the moon landing. Silly goose

    What always kills me in the woo-woo logic department is the idea that, NASA an JPL can't be trusted to tell the REAL story that Moon/Mars what-have-you photos don't have BEMs, Bigfoots or Chupa-whats-its on them. Then they take photos from the same agency and assert they are seeing god knows what. That's a complete logic disconnect, if the agency can't be trusted, neither can the photos or any other data the agency produces ! They might as well sit and listen to Richard Hoagland ramble on about glass cities and numerology.

      Exactly. We can't believe anything in their photos, except this one, which clearly shows a Martian fingernail! And shoe.

    Ancient alien finger?......BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

      I know.... I think I actually wet my pants over that.

    The human brain has evolved to recognise patterns and when presented with a large area of uncategorised visual information, such as clouds, shadows, rocks, toasted bread, cracked walls, etc. the brain goes flat-out trying to see objects it knows must be there. And you know what? It does a really good job of matching what you are looking at to objects you know, with faces being particularly easy to 'find'.

    theres obviously nothing there because im sure that the nasa team would have scutinised these picture with much much much better and faster equipment then anyone at home has or can even have. stop being so dumb.

    and im sure that if they found life they would want everyone to know to shut up all the religious people, and get lots of money for finding it.

    Aliens are not reall silly people, it's just us, and life only forms on earth. We humans know everything, dahh.

    You mean with all the billions of dollars spent on getting this 'thing' to Mars they could only get a crappy K-mart sensor??

    Such a weak excuse for the images.

    And another thing, I rather doubt that in all the billions of stars in our galaxy and all the billions of galaxies in the universe we would be the only life. That really smacks of a superiority complex.

    for those on either side of the ufo debate..its debatable for a reason name calling always shows its ugly face "but at the end of the day" [why is there always more than one end?] no one really knows forsure so till this is debunked another will surely take its place and good on those who have time to spend checking this shit out i mean seriously thank god someones doing it Haha we come in peace! zap zap zap lol

    Im guessing the world will be well informed to this long age question of are we alone,in my lifetime..its only a matter of time people and next time you see the writer of this artical he'll probably give you step by step instructions on how to make a tinfoil hat with kit kat wrappers eh? lol

    Its obviously planes landing in the background probably Los vegas.. man I love you guys and your paranoid non-factual evidence.

    Yes why do they continue to use such crappy cameras? That says it all to me...

    Was just weather balloons! Geez, same as it always is here on Earth

    Well, if they appear in every single image from the rover, it´s not UFOs, that´s for sure. But if they don´t appear in every single image, they must be objects outside the rover...

    These videos are obviously done in jest. Why hasn't anyone mentioned this?

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