More Rumoured IPad Mini And iPhone 5 Parts

With the expected announcement of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini just under a month away now, rumoured parts and pieces of the upcoming devices are flying in from everywhere. The latest? New photos that claim to show the new, smaller dock connector and bottom headphone jack in the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Remember, these are just rumoured parts for the next big thing from Cupertino so you'll have to bring your salt shaker when looking at them, but the pictures supposedly show the iPad Mini dock connector on the left and the iPhone 5 dock connector on the right. Strangely, these pictures show the iPad mini's headphone jack as really really really close to the dock connector. Also, the dock connector comes in different colours (black and white) which would presumably mean it'd match the exterior of each device (it already does on the iPhone 4S).

From this close up picture of the purported new dock connector, you can see that there are 8 pins inside the port. Matches up conveniently with the eight contact cable we saw earlier. Expect more and more parts and innards of the rumoured iPhone 5 and iPad mini to pop up as we get closer to the September 12 announcement. [iResq via MacRumors]


    Anyone who gets off on this got off on the screw report.

    Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I'm with you, buddy. I only click on these articles so that I can register my intense disinterest of iPad mini speculation in the comments, thus.

        Don't BS me you are curious like the rest of us on any news about Apple products , lets be honest we all want to know whats coming from them and what they look like, Before you accuse me of being in Apples pocket or being a fan boy , I will let you know i have apple and Samsung and Microsoft products, The only thing that upsets me is people like you the search the web on anything related Apple and then pretend to be disgusted and upset at their products, just admit it and say yeah i am curious we all want to know what the next idevices look like but i don't like apple, that's more honest, If i don't like a product from a company i don't look for articles or any news regarding that product after of course getting the initial info for it after that if it doesn't interest me i don't look for news on it.

          Casually browsing gizmodo doesn't constitute searching specifically for apple products, and yes you are in their pocket and a fanboy.

          If you were not you wouldn't have so vehemently defended them.


    Apple's hay day is over. Glad I never got sucked into the fad in the first place. When they announced the first Ipad it was like, hey! it's a big Iphone!, now they're gonna repackage the iphone and sell it as Ipad mini? I'm sure the dwindling group of apple sheep will gobble it up. Never ceases to amaze me.

    Indeed, my fellow apathetics.

    It is tradition guys. Not new. Geeks always have this interest . In fact I collect "tech speculation". Electronics and PC magazines and now digitally.

    I have stuff going back to 1954 about secret IBM computer designs from electronics magazines . I have "leaked" imagages of IBM 1mb on a single chip ( I aquired one years later and cast it in resin in the 1990'a and still have it). It is part of your geek DNA. Embrace what "we hope and think" is over the horizon - or maybe next month.

    I have an SGIII and an iPhone. I hated my Samsung phone so much I ended up giving it to a homeless guy.

    All this squabbling over nothing. If this was a car forum then it would be, for example, Holden against Ford. Just admit that different people have different needs and interests. I love all my gear, Apple and PC variations alike - warts 'n all. All have a different place and job.

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