Modified Kernel Sees Google's Nexus 7 Hit A Toasty 2GHz

Who doesn't like a bit of overclocking to squeeze more grunt out of their hardware? The Nexus 7 is the latest piece of kit to get the modder treatment, with a new kernel offering to boost the internals of the recently-released tablet up to 1.8GHz, with an extra 200MHz on top of this looking like a distinct possibility.

The modified kernel can be downloaded from XDA forums. It originally started out as a 1.7GHz overclock, but now offers another 100MHz as of writing. Android Community mentions that an "experimental" 2GHz kernel has been developed, though it's yet to be made publicly available due to instabilities. You can check out the benchmarks here.

The current "Elite" kernel on offer from XDA also ups the GPU clock from 416MHz to 650MHz. If you're worried about turning your lovely Nexus 7 into a piece of molten plastic, tweaked versions of the kernel provide slower, but still better than stock, speeds of 484MHz and 520MHz.

Running the clocks this high brings an obvious downside — increased heat generation and wear on the components — but it's good to know the hardware has such a high performance ceiling.

[XDA, via Phandroid and Android Community]

Image (fire background): Rubenjob

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