Lunchtime Deal: Dell Streak 7 For $179

Remember the Dell Streak 7-inch? It really was ahead of its time. If we compare it's sizeable form factor to the phablets (yeah I said it) on the market today, it's a wonder why Dell ever stopped making it. The good news is that you can get one today for just $179.

CatchOfTheDay have it on sale, and as usual, we're never sure how much stock they have. I'd imagine it's fairly limited though. Get some! [CatchoftheDay]


    Gingerbread? You really shouldn't be recommending this to anyone.

      It looks like it has Gingerbread but it actually has Android 3.2 Honeycomb if you look in the Features list.

    It isn't much of a tablet. I wouldn't bother, plus you can get better 7inch tablets now plus you have other tablets coming out soon

    They can sell it for $1 if they want. No one is going to buy it. It is already an antique. No one wanted it when it was new for good reasons and no one wants it now for the same reasons. Keep the garbage you are trying to sell at your garage sale DELL. We don't want your crap.

    how does this stack up against a Raspberry Pi?

    Hey I just bought one but I am just an old granny wanting nothing more than a bigger screen than my smartphone to read my sms, emails and do a bit of surfing while overseas on holiday. Maybe read a book or two. Some people have simple needs and I am sure this will do just nicely.

    @ Mike, you have a big mouth m8, if you hate it so much, dont buy one, simple :)

    doesnt mean nobody else doesnt want one.

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