Lunchtime Deal: $225 BlackBerry Playbook (16GB)

Before you all start: there's nothing wrong with the Blackberry PlayBook. It's a perfectly respectable 7-inch tablet. In fact, it's got one of the most nifty design features I've ever seen with the swipeable bezel. The good news is that you can pick up one today for $225 from Unique Mobiles.

I'm posting this one a bit earlier, because I think this one will sell out pretty fast. [Unique Mobiles via OzBargain]


    It's actually $179 with free shipping if you use the code , pl4yb00k,listed on OzBargain,

    149 is respectable for something no one wants. Rubbish for 225?

    Could potentially wipe it and install an Android OS instead, then that asking price is not too bad!

    Had a quick look on xda, but seems like even the crackers can't be bothered with this thing...

    I just bought one. Me, the most anti-tablet person around. I got it for one very specific purpose, however - it runs a software version of the Tonium Pacemaker DJ device, so it will be a good back-up for mine for less than half what I paid for the original. It will be interesting to see if I warm to it for doing anything else.

    Thanks for the discount code, rekuhs. I was thinking about it but a $45 discount made it a no-brainer.

    Just got the a500 Acer for $199 for a work mate from MLN.
    Much better option imo

    Mine arrived this morning! (Brisbane to Sydney) Not bad for free delivery and I'm glad I didn't opt for the $15.80 express delivery.

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