Let's Figure Out Infinity Once And For All

It's probably time to fire up that second cup of coffee; the journey that TED-ED lecturer Dennis Wildfogel is about to take you on is one of infinite infinities. In other words, it's going to make your brain hurt. But it also just might make you smarter.

Or, at least, infinitely frustrated. But at least the sheep illustrations are cute? [Brainpickings]


    It wouldve been nice if you would have summed up what the video was saying. I'm a little close to my phones data limit to watch it, damn it.

      It's says infinity is big.

    Ok, it's official... I am a maths illiterate... You can explain all this any way you want, it still won't make sense to me... :(

    I remember watching a show on this, when it got to the - chimpanzee writing the complete works of Shakespeare by randomly bashing on a keyboard- that's when my brain started to hurt.

    Minute physics makes a better video on this topic.

    " might make you smarter. "
    No it won't, but it might make you more knowledgeable. Not the same thing.

    Mind, expanded. Thanks for sharing!

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