Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Looks Like A Tablet, Behaves Like A PC

When Windows 8 launches in October, the Surface won't be the only tablet option. Joining it will be the 10.1-inch Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, an Intel Atom-packing, enterprise-leaning device that might come packed with enough features to appeal to a larger swath of nerds.

Slightly thicker than an iPad at 0.39 inches, but also lighter at 590g, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 comes complete with a 1366x768 screen, 4G LTE internet, 2MP front and 8MP rear cams, full-size USB and HDMI ports, and the option for a digitiser and fingerprint reader.

Lenovo won't specify clock speeds yet, but the fact that Lenovo Tablet 2 isn't lugging around a low-power mobile chipset likely means that it will run Windows 8 in desktop mode, which would give it the potential to do real computer things. And while specs look impressive, price has yet to be revealed, which will determine if the ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be an object for the masses when it arrives in October. [Lenovo]



    And it looks nothing like an iPad. Nice work.

      but it does have pad in the name, so it's clearly just an iPad copy...........

        Lenovo has always used "ThinkPad" before iPad were even invented.

        Interestingly though, Lenovo were using ThinkPad years before Apple. If it was the other way around, you have to wonder if Apple wouldn't be after them over it.


        nuff said :)

      Looks similar to a Lumia though.

        and that can only be a good thing, Lumias are hawt

      Well clearly its rectangular and touch screen...better make it a cube with 6 screens instead

        Yeah I was about to say that. It's a rectangle, which is clearly in breach of Apple's patents. Apple should sue them broke.

      LOL~~ Apple fan boy gets owned !! IPad copy? Not everything.

    Win8 on Atom... hmm...

    Obviously nowhere near as powerful as a Surface Pro, but with similar capability (i.e. "proper" Win8), probably better price and battery life. If its GPU can handle Flash games adequately, colour me very interested...

      It's only speculation on the author's part that it will run "proper" Win8. Nothing's been confirmed yet.

      In fact, if it's launching in October as the article suggests, alongside the Surface RT, I'd say it most likely will be running Win8 RT and NOT the desktop version the Surface Pro will be running. I'm pretty certain MS aren't going to want anyone else's products running Win8 Pro before they do.

        Win8 RT is for ARM devices only, whereas this will be x86. Thus it will be running regular Win8.

        I'm pretty certain MS wants as many Win8 devices available on launch as possible, and isn't keen to do any more than it's already done to upset its hardware partners :--P

    I like the form factor a LOT, and knowing the ThinkPad's reputation for keyboard excellence, this has jumped to the top end of my wish list (alongside the Surface and inevitable Transformer cousins) for a new daily driver to replace my 3 year old laptop and first-gen iPad.

    However, that whole 'Intel Atom' thing is worrying. I'll probably be browsing and using Office more than anything, but I do occasionally need to do some PhotoShopping. Has any of this Ivy Bridge goodness seeped down into the Atom line, or has Atom barely progressed beyond the molasses-slow, struggles-with-a-browser performance of the EeePC? IF this is the case I guess I'll keep waiting for the Surface Pro.

    "...likely means that it will run Windows 8 in desktop mode..."

    What does that mean? Was there a risk that some tablets will only be able run in Metro only?

    Of course it's an iPad copy - it has a screen, it has chips, and memory, and can access the internet. Doesn't EVERTHING that runs on battery or can be plugged into a electricity socket infringe on some Apple patent?
    Yes, I'm one of those 90% that never have and never will buy anything Apple

    I want one, how do we find out where to preorder?!!?

    You realise that the iPad was just the Apple version of stuff that's been out for years, same with the iPod, same with lots of things Apple makes. It is entirely possible to pull ahead of Apple, it just takes good ideas and good execution. I'll never know why the Windows Tablet PC never took off when it came out 10 years ago.

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