Leather Strap Packing Tape Really Classes Up Your Moving Day

Even though you might have to salvage the boxes from your local grocery store, and they'll probably be emblazoned with Rice-A-Roni and Chiquita Banana logos, you can still ensure the next time you move is a classy affair with these upscale rolls of fake leather strap packing tape. Swanky.

Each 30m roll is printed with a photorealistic leather strap with a buckle every few feet. So for just $US11 you can make your new neighbours think you're actually from high society and have come to gentrify their neighbourhood. And that stack of boxes you don't bother unpacking for the first six months will instead look like a pile of antique trunks in the corner of your new place, so you can throw a housewarming party without being completely embarrassed.

[mmiinn via The Fancy]

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